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  sorting in C++: 3 times faster than C.

If you don't know C++ well, you might be surprised how fast C++ can be sometimes. This is especially true when code involved is small, because then inlining - which is what C++ is very good at - and templating, which makes excessive inlining possible in the first place - has the most effect. The following code compares C and C++ sorting:  #include <iostream>#include <algorithm>#include <vector>#include "stop_watch.inl" // see https://...

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  Go vs C benchmark. Could Go be faster than C?

During last semester I was attending Multiprocessor Architectures course, given at Facultad de Informática where I study my Computer Science degree. As part of the assignments due to pass the course, we had to do several programs written in C to benchmark matrix multiplication by testing different techniques and technologies. First of all we had to do a secuential program in three different versions: A normal one where the result matrix is ordered by rows and the loops range the matrix by ro...