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  How to praise yourself in resume

When finding a job, we first need to send our CV and resume to the employer. Among many candidates, how do we make our resume prominent and noticed by the employer. We need some impressive information. We can praise ourselves in the resume so that the employer can have a good impression on me. Here we summarized a list about how to praise ourselves in our resume.Mature, dynamic and honest.Excellent, ability of systematical management.Ability to work independently, mature and resourceful.A person...

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  Work is not challenging is just an excuse in interview?

Usually when an interviewer asks the interviewee why he/she wants to change his/her job, one answer may be "My current job is not challenging, I want a more challenging job.". The interviewer may tend to think that there are always challenges everywhere and why the interviewee indulges himself/herself without putting much effort on his/her work.   Here I want to say something to our interviewers. Work challenging is not equal to personal indulgence. The work is challenging which is an...


  How to Ace a Google Interview

Imagine a man named Jim. He's applying for a job at Google. Jim knows that the odds are stacked against him. Google receives a million job applications a year. It's estimated that only about 1 in 130 applications results in a job. By comparison, about 1 in 14 high-school students applying to Harvard gets accepted. Jim's first interviewer is late and sweaty: He's biked to work. He starts with some polite questions about Jim's work history. Jim eagerly explains his short career. The intervi...


  It’s Not China; It’s Efficiency That Is Killing Our Jobs

The majority of wealth is now concentrated at the top of the social ladder. This is particularly true in the US, and the gap is widening every year. This, I believe, is because of efficiency, not China. Today the best ideas can efficiently and quickly propagate worldwide, and everyone can efficiently find them and buy them. This makes the owners of these ideas filthy rich, and those ideas that are not the best, can hardly survive. It’s not just transfer of information that is fast; wealth too ...


  Here Are The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs At Google

South African job listing site JobVine compiled the following chart of the top ten salaries at Google, compiled from Glassdoor.The top pay is for contract positions leading software development. It's not uncommon to see contractors earn more salary than full-time employees at big tech companies, because they're often not able to get stock options and perks.For jobs within the company, it looks like directors of product management are the highest paid, which is fitting with Google's new...


  My secret Hobby: Applying for jobs

I have a probably unusual habit: I'm applying for jobs as programmer at least once a year. It 's not that I don't have a job, or that I don't like what I do, but since I am self employed and running my own company I have the feeling that I am coming out of touch of what the current job market is like, and so I started to apply for jobs at different companies once in a while. Just to keep in mind how this is like and for the fun of it.I think this is also a good training should I need to be emplo...

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  HTML5 Can Get the Job, But Can HTML5 Do the Job?

This post is part of our ReadWriteMobile channel, which is dedicated to helping its community understand the strategic business and technical implications of developing mobile applications. This channel is sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent. As you're exploring these resources, check out this helpful resource from our sponsors: Cultivating a Developer Ecosystem: Understanding Their Needs HTML5 is changing the way that developers create applications for the mobile Web. Yet, it is not the be a...

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