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  TIOBE: PHP is coming back

TIOBE released the programming language index for July 2013. The highlight of this month is that PHP is coming back. It ranks the fifth and has an increase of 1.54% compared to January. There are no changes in the ranking for the top 4 languages. The reason why PHP is back may be attributed to the new PHP Zend Framework that was released in September 2012, but this reason is not very convincing. PositionJul 2013PositionJul 2012Delta in PositionProgramming LanguageRatingsJul 2013Delta Jul...


  TIOBE : No news today

TIOBE released the programming index for September 2012. There is no big change for this month compared to last month, the top 3 are still C, Java and Objective-C. In top 20, only Transact-SQL exchanged the position with VB.NET. Java shows trend of drop, will it be worse because of the ignorance of Java's vulnerabilities by Oracle. This index shows that the programing lnaguage market is quite normal, no big events. Except Objective-C, in recent years there are no other new languages which have b...

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  TIOBE : What's the future of C#?

TIOBE released the programming language index for August 2012, the top 3 programming languages are still C, Java and Objective-C. Objective-C still performs well after it ranked 3rd place last month, it's still rising. Is there any possibilty Object-C will overtake Java in the near future? However, Microsoft's C# doesn't look so good. C# is generally recognized as the enterprise language with most modern and expressive features available today and C# has shown more downward trends in the past an...

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  TIOBE : Objective-C overtakes C++

TIOBE recently released the programming community index for July. From the index,we can find that the biggest change is that Objective-C overtakes C++ as the 3rd most popular language among programmers. Because of the popularity of iPhone and iPad, Objective-C is used by more and more mobile developers who want to develop apps for Apple products. Also, many developers are willing to develop apps for Apple since they can gain more profit on Apple platform than on Android platform.C++ is mainly us...


  TIOBE : Where is that next big programming language?

TIOBE has released the Programming Community Index for May 2012 a bit late. The top 3 languages do not change compared to last Month TIOBE : C overtakes Java as the No.1 programming language, they are still C,Java and C++. However, the share of Java is continuing dropping, Objective-C is steadily rising  Other languages which have rising trend are Visual Basic.NET,PL/SQL and Logo.The last 8 years not much has changed in the top 10 of the TIOBE index except for Objective-C (in) and Delphi...

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  Top 20 programming languages in April 2011

Next picture shows the Top 20 programming languages in April 2011 from TIOBE. From the picture, we can find the most popular programming languages are the different representatives of programming language styles. And some of them are popular because the platforms which use this programming language is very popular.For example C#, because of Microsoft, this language is used in .Net platform. Many users are using this programming language.Also, Java, C and C+ are the top 3 languages in he world. T...