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  Resolving error "SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain"

In a PHP application, cURL is frequently used to make connection to remote server to request some resource. It can be used to transfer data with different protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP etc. While using cURL in PHP, someone may get an error with message similar to "SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain". This may happen when cURL tries to make a SSL connection server and the server returns a server certificate which is self-signed and it's not trusted by the c...

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  PHP to output string to client terminal

It is a common task to echo messages to the user using PHP. There are lots of ways where the message can be echoed to the client terminal(browser or console window) through PHP. These includes some well know debug methods like var_dump() and var_export() etc. In this post, we will show you some other methods shared by Laruence, one of the core members of PHP development team. 1. echo First comes with the most common one : echo. $str = "Hello PHP\n"; echo $str; 2. print Then comes another c...

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  Fix WampServer offline issue

WampServer is a web server on Windows which provides easy to use features for PHP developers. You can easily setup a web server by installing WampSserver without much hard to understand configurations. After installing it and with a simple configuration, you just need to double click it and start all services and your server is gonna up.  If the server starts up normally, you will see a green icon which indicates the working status at the taskbar. But if you don't see the green icon shown u...

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  Some tricks on PHP session

1. Session timeout problem There is a nuance we found with session timing out although the user is still active in the session.  The problem has to do with never modifying the session variable. The GC will clear the session data files based on their last modification time.  Thus if you never modify the session, you simply read from it, then the GC will eventually clean up. To prevent this you need to ensure that your session is modified within the GC delete time.  You can accomp...


  Handy PHP functions should be in your toolkit

When developing projects, there are always some common work should be accomplished, for example, encrption/decryption, get IP. As a PHP developer, you should have a list of the handy functions in your toolkit so that you can pick up in every project you work on. Here is a summary of some handy PHP functions. 1. PHP encryption/decryption Encryption/decryption can be used when storing user confidential information such as passwords. Below function uses base64 and MD5 to accomplish encryption/decry...


  Useful functions to provide secure PHP application

Security is a very important aspect of programming. There are many functions or modules in any kind of real programming language providing security functionalities  In modern websites, we may often get inputs form users all around the world.There is a famous saying which says that never trust user input. So in web programming languages, we will often see functions which will guarantee the security of the data input from users. Today we will cover some of these functions in the most famous o...


  Which one has a worse reputation, JavaScript or PHP?

There has a been a lot of criticism of PHP over being a badly designed programming language. JavaScript seems quite a similar language with loose-typing and flexible array declarations/memory management, but is widely adopted by industry leaders such as Google. Google even has a JavaScript style guide. Many people think that PHP has a worse reputation than JavaScript. Carlos Ribeiro gave his analysis on a high level which doesn't touch the language syntax. Attributing JavaScript success to it be...


  PHP Apache MySQL Set-up Note

With the emergence of WAMP, LAMP, PHP developers are liberated from the tedious work of setting up PHP environment. Since PHP, Apache and MySQL are so tightly bundled, WAMP and LAMP provide a setp solution for setting up a PHP environment which includes the programming programming environment, server and database. But for a PHP who wants to learn more, you have to try to set the PHP environment yourself by installing PHP, Apache and MySQL manually and configuring them. Below is a simple note on ...

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