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  Developing an eCommerce Website? Here are 4 Things to Keep in Mind

  When it comes to Web development, it is a complicated process. There is a plethora of facets to assess, from performance to user experience. As far as building an eCommerce site is concerned, it is quite a challenging task. Most of the users tend to visit the website in order to gather information about and purchase products. For this reason, a Web Application Development Company tries its best to make this process intuitive and effortless. Besides considering usability, there are some po...

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  Using keytool to create certificate chain

JDK provides a command line tool -- keytool to handle key and certificate generation. This tool has a set of options which can be used to generate keys, create certificates, import keys, install certificate and export certificates etc. In this tutorial, we will show how to create certificate chain using keytool. If you want to understand how to create certificate chain programmably, please refer to Generate certificate in Java -- Certificate chain. To begin, we first generate a key pair whi...


  JavaScript to scroll element into view

In AJAX applications, there are frequent needs to scroll some element into view after some modification to the page. For example, after adding an item or updating an element in an admin panel, the page may need to be scrolled to the item added or updated so that we can see the changes immediately. In these cases, JavaScript can be used to scroll the element we want to show. In Vanilla JavaScript, there is no built-in function which can achieve scroll_element_into_view(), but most of modern brows...


  Google will not hold press release in China next week

There is an invitation form spreading around the Chinese internet community which states that Google will hold press release at 1 PM on December 18 (Beijing time). On this press release, Google will announce its return to China and Google China CEO Jony will explain its strategies in China after return. But soon Google China public relation representative said this was a rumor. There is no plan for Google to hold press release next week in China. And there are some apparent suspicious parts ape...

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  32-bit vs 64-bit

I have knowledge on 32-bit vs 64-bit, but not very clear minded. Here is a good article I found about it.   Understand there are 3 things involved: CPU, OS and application. To work on 64-bit, first thing first is: you need a 64-bit CPU. 64-bit CPU usually provide emulation for 32-bit system. Though some 32-bit application still cannot run on 64-bit OS, because they might contain 16-bit code. 32-bit system won't have com...

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  China has blocked Wikipedia again

Recently lots of Chinese found they experienced problems while trying to access Wikipedia, the world's largest and most well-known free encyclopedia. It turns out that the notorious Chinese GFW(Great Firewall) is playing the critical role here. It blocks the Chinese version of Wikipedia. The reason why the Chinese version of Wikipedia is blocked is said to be that Wikipedia has changed its default protocol from HTTP to HTTPS. This change made it difficult for the GFW to filter some sensiti...


  Qualities of a great business presentation

When it comes to business, every day in the industry is spent trying to convince someone into buying your brand, your product or services, no doubt you will find yourself making a lot of pitches and presentations for new products, partners and stakeholders among other things. Having great presentation skills is essential to running a successful business and getting as many people believing in your brand as possible. Great presentations have the following qualities Killer slides PowerPoint slides...

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  Java SynchronizedList and Iterator

While reading some material about concurrency, I come up with some writing about using SynchronizedList wrap about normal List to enable synchronization.   But one interesting thing is   It says     It is imperative that the user manually synchronize on the returned list when iterating over it:     1   List list = Collections.synchronizedList(new A...

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