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  Expectations, Desperation And Anticipation All You Need To Know About iOS 9.3

With so much anticipation filled among the audience, iOS 9.3 on contrary came out to be as a blooper. All the users were filled with a lot of enthusiasm about the latest advancements in the software, but the final release went to several crest and troughs. iOS 9.3 was quite important for the users when it comes to mobile OS update, however this did not go as it was expected to be for the iOS. The latest software in some cases is locking users. Along with the users this has also creased the eye ...


  String intern in Java

In Java, == is used to compare whether two objects have the same memory location, equals() is usually used to compare whether two objects have the same time and the same state.  When comparing two strings, normally we just want to know whether they have same content, so we can choose equals(). But since String comparison is so frequently needed, Java has worked on the String class to make == workable when comparing two String literals. The String class maintains a pool of emp...

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  Bing now supports code search

In programmer's daily life, much time is spent on searching Google or StackOverflow for code snippets which can help them understand how the code works. Now there is one more option. Microsoft's Bing now adds a new feature which support code snippet search. With this new feature, you can search code snippet and execute them directly within the search results. For example, if you type "quick sort java", you will see below search result : This feature now supports a few popular programming langua...


  New features in Java 9

Java 9 is planned to be released in March 2017. It will be 3 years since Java 8 was released. Are you still excited about the new features introduced in Java 8 such as Lambda, new Date APIs etc? Now Java 9 is to be released and there are also quite a few fantastic new features to be introduced. Below is a list of major new features in Java 9. Modular system. Java 9 will introduce a brand new modular system to organize Java codes. The modular system will divide different packages into diffe...

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  Introduction to DTLS(Datagram Transport Layer Security)

Secure communication has become a vital requirement on the Internet. Lots of information transferred through the Internet are sensitive data such as financial transactions, medical information, media streaming etc. To ensure security of data transferred on the Internet, a few secure protocols have been designed including SSL/TLS and IPsec. Many large websites in the world have adopted TLS. Apart from SSL/TLS, there is some other protocol designed to be used in special cases. One of them is ...

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  JShell -- The command line tool to run Java code in Java 9

Java 9 is currently a work-in-progress and is planned to be GAed in March 2017. Quite a few new features will be introduced in the new release. The coolest feature is project Jigsaw which is to modularize the Java packages so that a customized JDK can be built and shipped with only the necessary modules to fulfill their project requirement. Apart from this feature, another big new feature is project Kulla -- JShell. In simple, JShell is a command line tool which can be used to run...

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  Oracle released an urgent Java patch

On March 23, Oracle just released an urgent Java patch which is out of its normal update schedule. The security vulnerability is related to the Java SE running in web browsers on desktops. The CVE ID for this issue is CVE-2016-0636. With the unpatched Java, attackers can remotely exploit the target system without username and credentials. Successful exploits can impact the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the user's system. When the user access pages containing malicious code...

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  3 preconditions for Facebook to enter China

It's well known that Mark Zuckerberg has a big interest in the Chinese market. Recently, the founder of Facebook visited China to attend a development forum held by the Chinese government. Along with the trip, he also paid a trip to some famous places in Beijing such as The Great Wall. He even did a morning run in front of the Tian'an men Square, the symbol of China.  In past few years, Zuckerberg also learned Chinese and read Chinese books, showed his love to the Chinese culture....