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  Lenovo becomes the king of PC

According to Sina Tech, Data from market research firm IDC and Gartner shows that Lenovo defeats Hewlett-Packard to become the largest PC manufacturer in the world In the second quarter , global PC shipments dropped by 11%, the fifth consecutive quarter of decline.In October 2012, Gartner ranked Lenovo as the world's largest PC manufacturer, but IDC data ranked HP as the largest PC manufacturer. However, the rank of largest PC manufacturer between IDC and Gartner has no difference this time.Gar...

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  Apple is catching up with Samsung in smart connected device market

According to Sina Tech. IDC's latest report shows that as of the end of 2012, Samsung has a 21.2% share of the global market on smart connected devices which is #1. Apple has a 20.3% share which ranks #2. In smart connected devices market, Apple is catching up with Samsung. These devices include desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs. However, because of the higher prices,  Apple is still far ahead of Samsung in revenue. As of the end of 2012, Apple's revenue accounts for 3...

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  52.4 million tablet shipments in Q4 globally

IDC released the global tablet shipment report for Q4. The total tablet shipments in Q4 were 52.4 million globally. It set a new record where the shipments increase 75.3 annually and increase 74.3% compared to last quarter which had shipments of 30.1 million. Among all the tablets vendors, Apple iPad's shipments were 22.9 million which ranks the first place among all vendors. It takes 43.6% market share. Samsung has 7.9 million shipments, increased by 264% compared to the same period last year....


  IDC report shows developers are losing ineterst in Android development

IDC's latest report shows that: the development interest in Android Phones and Android iPad  has been dropping steadily. 1869 developers participated in this survey.In this quarter, the development interest in Android phone applications fell by 4.7%, down to 78.6%; the development interest in Android iPad applications fell by 2.2%, down to 65.9%. Although the survey result may not be so accurate, it still shows a trend : Although sales of Android devices is growing, it is still unable to re...


  IDC lists top 6 myths, realities about open source

Summary: What are the top 6 myths? That open source software will enter every market, is inherently innovative, it improves faster than commercial software, that it has less lock-in, that it’s free and that it has little benefit if one is not involved in the community. IDC calls these ideas “myths” but acknowledges there’s more than a grain of truth to all of them At its Directions 2012 conference in Boston today, IDC revealed the top 5 my...