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  Samijyon : A tablet from North Korea

According to Sina Tech, North Korea Tech posted an article about Samijyon. Samijyon is a model of Android  tablet manufactured by North Korea. You can buy it with $200 in North Korea. Smajiyon's hardware configuration is as good as Samsung and Apple, but it doesn't allow WiFi connection and ordinary North Koreans cannot connect to Internet as well, users can only connect to domestic network of North Korea. On this tablet, there are no built-in Google apps such as Gmail and Google Play. But...


  What happens on the Internet in one minute?

In one minute, 216,000 images are shared on Instagram, $83,000 sales happen on Amazon, 1.8 million Likes are clicked on Facebook, also 72 hours videos are uploaded to YouTube. This image is from Omee and it shows us what happens on the Internet in one minute. For example, how many Tweets are posted, how many pictures are viewed, how many minutes communication through Skype. The data on the graph is from PC Mag, Business Insider and other websites. In one minute, 2 million searches on Google, 70...


  Social media sharing codes

Social media is becoming a very important traffic source to one website. We can see social media share buttons or links in most websites ranging from news website to personal blogs. It is also a very important optimization area where many SEO experts recommend. There are many social medias we can share our links to such as Facebook and Twitter. Most of these website provide share button for us to easily integrate them into our websites, but these buttons usually have default styles(fixed size, f...


  Read 10 new books from O'Reilly for free

Recently O'Reilly provided free access to some books. Some of them are even in early release status. Here we recommend 10 of them. 1、Mastering Perl 2、Git Pocket Guide 3、Vagrant: Up and Running 4、High Performance Browser Networking 5、802.11ac: A Survival Guide 6、Test-Driven Development with Python 7、Interactive Data Visualization for the Web 8、HTML5 Canvas 9、Programming JavaScript Applications 10、Agile Data Source :

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  Browser market share in June

Recently, the Internet research firm Net Application announced the browser market share report in June, IE's global market share grows to 56.15% in June from 55.99% in May, an increase of 0.16%. However, Firefox drops by 1.48%, its market share is 19.15% in May. Chrome grow by 1.43% to 17.17% in June. Meanwhile, Safari increases by 0.09% to 5.55%, Opera drops 0.19% to 1.58%. For different versions of IE browsers, IE10's global market share is 13.52%, monthly market share increases by 4.26% in J...


  Difference between Beijing and Silicon Valley on innovation

The fundamental difference between Beijing and Silicon Valley is not the sky color, but the fact that on one side the young people are talking about buying a new house, a new car and getting married, while on the other side young people are talking about how to change the world. Now and then we can read from the newspaper or the Internet that a Silicon Valley company is valued over 1 billion US dollars. Also we can see many famous US IT brands on the Internet such as Google, Facebook,Twitter, Am...


  Sales of phones with NFC capability increased by 300% in 2012

According to Sina Tech, Research firm Berg Insight latest report shows that the global NFC smartphone sales increased by 300% to 140 million units in 2012.The report said that the compound annual growth rate of NFC smartphones sales will reach 48.2% in next few years, and in 2017 the number of smartphones sold will reach 1 billion units.NFC is widely used in mobile phones began in 2011, In 2012, the top ten mobile phone manufacturers launched nearly 100 models of NFC mobile phones. In addition t...

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  Differences among Enter,F5 and Ctrl+F5 in webpage refresh

When we press Enter, F5 or Ctrl+F5 to refresh a webpage, is there any difference among them? Actually it's yes, we can find the difference from the request header and response header information. There are two cases about pressing Enter in the address bar. First if the page requested is cached and not expired in the browser, we can find the header information sent by the browser is : Host User-Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:5.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/5.0 Accept ...

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