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  The birth story of Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors was incorporated in July, 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, who financed the company until the Series A round  of funding. Elon Musk led the Series A round of investment in February,  2004, joining Tesla's Board of Directors as its Chairman. Tesla Motors becomes one of the most promising companies in US, even in the world. Its founders become heroes of many people. The electric cars designed and manufactured by Tesla Motors brought the revolution to the automob...

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  Do you still remember things you saw around you as a kid

I believe we all have unforgettable childhood, we might see many weird stuff around us and had deep impression about some cool stuff. Some of the old stuff may extinct now but every time when we saw an item rare to be seen, the old memories may flush into our brain immediately and we would be excited about it. Can you still remember things around you as a kid? Here are some of them, if you were born at 80's or 90's, you may be familiar with these. 1. Windows 95 and Windows 98 We could see these ...

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  How to make contribution to GitHub correctly?

If you have a GitHub account, then you will be able to see a section called Public contributions on your profile page. Your contribution status for the past year will be showed on this section, it's called contribution calendar. This calendar has 7 rows and 53 columns. Each cell on the grid represents your contribution status for one day, if the contribution is different, the cell color will be different. There are 5 colors in total : white, yellow, light green,green and deep green. With this, s...


  $40 million per year to keep Wikipedia running

Wikipedia is an incredibly frugal and efficient nonprofit organization. It serves half a billion visits per month. But do you know how much it costs to keep this huge website running? According to 2012-13 Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan, the expected spending is around $40 million. Some may argue that Wikipedia is just a site with "just text", why does it cost so much? Oliver Emberton shared his view. To keep Wikipedia running and serve 500 million visits per month. First, you're going to need ...

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  The story behind Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a cross-platform text and source code editor, with a Python application programming interface (API). The graphical user interface design was inspired by Vim.Its functionality is also extendable with plugins; Post its release, it gained much attention and wide popularity. Do you know what's the story behind Sublime Text? Jon Skinner left his job as a software engineer at Google in order to pursue a dream: to build a better text editor. The end result is the popular Sublime Text t...

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  Innovation Works CEO Kai-Fu Lee is diagnosed with cancer

Innovation Works CEO Kai-Fu Lee is diagnosed with lymph cancer. He posted one weibo(Chinese version of Tweet) which indicates that his health in a bad condition at 10:17pm on 5 September Beijing time.   Later Innovation Works spokesman Zhaohui Wang confirmed this news. And Mr Lee is currently receiving treatment following doctor's instructions. But now we still don't know how severe it is. Post Mr Lee's weibo, many Chinese netizens expressed their concerns for his health and wished hi...


  Art of code comment

Note : This post is just for fun. Please be careful about these tricks. Code comment is to provide complementary comment to abstract codes. We will introduce two comment styles while we are debugging our codes. we should avoid these styles in production codes. 1. if else style Only execute eatKfc() //* eatKfc(); /*/ eatMcdonalds(); //*/ Only execute eatMcdonalds() /* eatKfc(); /*/ eatMcdonalds(); //*/ Execute both //* eatKfc(); //*/ eatMcdonalds(...

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  If we use programming language names as building names

Today I came across some interesting building names while wandering around technology park of Singapore. Most of these names are biotech related. They are Chromos,  Centros, Matrix, Genome, Proteos, Nanos, Helios, Neuros, Immunos, Synapse and Amnios. Chromos Centros Matrix Genome Proteos Nanos Helios Neuros Immunos Synapse Amnios I am wondering whether there are building which are named with programming language names. Do you see anyone of them anywhere?...