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  TowTruck from Mozilla Lab

TowTruck is a real time collaboration tool developed by Mozilla lab, it can enable users to do real time chat, voice chat in any webpage. Both sides can see each other's mouse position, it will produce animation when mouse clicked. The classical application for collaborative sides is users can discuss a document while reading the same document or modify some codes or fill up an application form. TowTruck is an open source project. It's very easy to deploy TowTruck, first you need to embed below ...

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  What was the Internet like in 1995?

The Internet evolves very fast since its birth. In 1995, a TV program called Computer Chronicles made an episode about new technology "The Internet". Now let's check out what the Internet looks like in 1995 through some video screenshots. First the host Stewart Cheifet appeared in the video where he was in a network cafe. There you can meet the real people and virtual person. That's a good thing. The first guide of us is the technology journalist from New York Times John Markoff. He said his f...


  User experience : Exception handling

Exception handling is the process of handling emergencies or unpredictable operational errors. The specific time of the occurrence of unexpected events and the actual consequences of the specific situation are difficult to predict. How to handle this unexpected crisis is also related to the user experience of your users. Let's first look at how some famous products deal with unexpected exception encountered by users:1. Goodyear tires can automatically expand when leaking.Tire blast is one of the...


  FTP active mode and passive mode

1. What's active mode and passive mode a. FTP has two ports to control: Port 20 is for data transfer Port 21 is for control or establish TCP connection b. The process of active connection Note: C represents Client and S represents Server S opens port 20 and 21 C connects to port 21 of S with a random port, this port can be between 1024 and 65536, it sends port+x to server at the same time to specify C(X)->S(21) When S receives the command, it will sends back ACK, S(21)->C(X) S will set ...

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  Lenovo gets into the chip design field

According to EETimes, Lenovo will enter the field of chip design, the main focus is the smartphone and tablet chip design.There is a small team of 10 people who are working on integrated circuit design in Lenovo in the past 10 years, Till the middle of this year, Lenovo intends to expand the team to 100 engineers. Lenovo may recruit 40 engineers in Shenzhen and 60 engineers in Beijing.Despite Lenovo has much freedom in the choice of application processors, but because it involves a competitive ...


  Silicon Valley engineers have something to say about work from home

Quitting from Google and joined Yahoo which was thought as a declining giant, Marissa Mayer has been trying to prove that she has the ability to lead this Internet giant to reverse the decline. In order to boost the low morale of the employees, Meyer tried to transplant Google's work culture to Yahoo with office decoration, free lunch and issuance of smart phones, these generous measures let her win the applause of the Silicon Valley.But a recent ban issued by Meyer has attracted a lot of contro...


  How does computer boot up?

The whole boot process of computer can be summarized in 4 phases. 1. BIOS In the 70's  read-only memory(ROM) was invented. The boot program is written into ROM, the first thing the computer does is to read and execute this program when it's powered on. The program in this chip is called "Basic Input/Output System" (BIOS). 1.1 Power-On Self-Test The BIOS will first check whether the computer hardware can fulfill the basic conditions for booting up, this process is called Power-On Self-Test...

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  Say good bye to netbook

Asus and Acer are the last two manufacturers of netbooks, but these two companies announced that they would not manufacture netbooks starting from January 1, 2013. Prior to them, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard and Dell stopped production of the netbooks. This means that the life cycle of netbook officially ended.Back to 2009, the U.S. market research firm ABI Research was very optimistic about netbook's future, they said netbook would open a new era for PC market and predicted netbook shipments would ...