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  CRM Approach - A Well Planed Business Strategy Not a Mere Technology

Customer relationship management (CRM) has transitioned and evolved over the last few years.  Its adoption is powered by the rapid growth and popularity of SaaS tools. Too many companies have adopted CRM in order to cater to customers in a better manner and hence build loyalty. However, often implementing CRM does not yield the results as expected. CRM policies turn out to be ineffectual. This happens because, organizations over emphasize on CRM as a technology and undermine its importanc...


  What should Microsoft do after Steve Ballmer steps down?

Steve Ballmer decided to retire from Microsoft within 12 months last week. Where should Microsoft head to and what should they do on their products to maintain their influence.Whether you like or hate Ballmer, and regardless of who will replace him as Microsoft new CEO, his voice became a very important part of different Microsoft conferences, Ballmer said : "We need a CEO who will be here longer term for this new direction."Steve Ballmer is criticized for many things. Under his control, Micros...

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  Steve Ballmer will retire from Microsoft within one year

Microsoft today announced on its official website that CEO Steve Ballmer will retire from Microsoft with 12 months. But he will remain as the CEO until the successor is named. Steve Ballmer commented on his retirement as : There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time, We have embarked on a new strategy with a new organization and we have an amazing Senior Leadership Team. My original thoughts on timing would have had my retirement happen in the middle of...


  SkyDrive may be banned on App Store

Apple App Store may block Microsoft SkyDrive, because Microsoft is not willing to pay for SkyDrive to be on App Store.According to App Store agreement, 30% income of an app on App Store should be paid to Apple, However, Microsoft said it was difficult for them to accept it.SkyDrive provides users with 7GB of free storage space, after which the user should pay for extra storage space up to 100 GB. Apple insists that 30% of sales of SkyDrive storage space should be paid to Apple, Microsoft thinks...

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  Office is confirmed to be on iOS and Android

In May, there were news that Microsoft Office software would be on iOS and Android platforms. Now Microsoft officially confirmed the news and said that the Office would be on iOS and Android in some form.Not too long ago, Microsoft Czech branch had said that the Office would be on iOS and Android early next year.Microsoft said: "As we shared previously, Office Mobile will work across Windows Phones, Android phones and iOS, and we have nothing additional to announce today about retail availabili...

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  Rebirth of Microsoft?

Only from the point of view of design and products, Microsoft may seem like an ongoing decline of the old giant: IE browser market share continues to drop, PC market continues to shrink where Windows depends on and tablet PC market gets rapid expansion, Windows Mobile, Windows phone perform not so well, even CEO Steve Ballmer is often ridiculed and accused. All these seem to indicate that Microsoft's golden era is over. But on the other hand, while its net profit for the past two years has ...


  Why doesn't Microsoft involve in the patent war with Apple?

After Apple and Samsung patent war ends, Samsung immediately announced that they would continue to appeal. People are now guessing that the next target of Apple is Motorola and Google, while the situation getting worse, we could not help to ask why there is no emergence of Microsoft?At first glance, the answer seems to be very simple, both Microsoft Window 8 and Window Phone products do not have much intersection with Apple's products. But there is an unknown reason, there is a patent cross-lice...


  Microsoft unveils a new logo

When releasing Windows 8, many people thought that Microsoft would use the blue logo as company's logo. But we are "cheated", Microsoft unveils a new logo. Watch video below. Since unveiling its first logo in 1977, Microsoft has changed its logo a few times, they are  In 1977, its "Micro-Soft" Microsoft "blibbet" logo, filed August 26, 1982 at the USPTO and used until 1987. Microsoft "Pac-Man" logo, designed by Scott Baker and used from 1987 to 2012 with the 1994–2002 slogan"W...

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