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  Web design trends for 2014

Now, it's age of web, many resource and manpower have been invested in web to extend and enhance the capability of web. Every year there are new web designs and technologies emerging. In recent years, with the popularity of handhold devices such as smart phones and smart devices like iPads,Surface, responsive design is becoming a requirement, also we can find flat design in many places. The web design trend is changing dramatically. Many people may wonder what's the web design trend in 2014? Jow...

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  What should Microsoft do after Steve Ballmer steps down?

Steve Ballmer decided to retire from Microsoft within 12 months last week. Where should Microsoft head to and what should they do on their products to maintain their influence.Whether you like or hate Ballmer, and regardless of who will replace him as Microsoft new CEO, his voice became a very important part of different Microsoft conferences, Ballmer said : "We need a CEO who will be here longer term for this new direction."Steve Ballmer is criticized for many things. Under his control, Micros...

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  10 modern technologies we will still use in 2030

Although there is rapid revolution for new technology, some technologies can survive with the passage of time. Here are 10 modern technologies which may continue to exist in 2030. 1. QWERTY keyboard Speech recognition, handwriting recognition and gesture control input will become the trend for the next two decades. Nonetheless QWERTY keyboard input is still one of the most accurate way - although not necessarily the most convenient. Although physical keyboard disappear on phones and tablet PCs, ...

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  Is The Cloud Finally Catching Up With Mighty Oracle?

Oracle for years has seemed impervious to cloud computing. First Larry Ellison dismissed it. Then he sort of touted it, his version at least. But all along, Oracle was growing nicely. The industry chatter didn’t seem to matter. Big companies buy big software systems. Something changed this winter.   Oracle’s software license sales limped up just 2% in December, and the company blamed customer budget cuts and fears over the European debt crisis. Sales to Europe, Africa and the Middl...


  Silicon Valley won’t dominate the tech world forever

Yesterday  I published a piece about Newry in Northern Ireland, which is looking to help boost its economy by encouraging a startup ecosystem. A little later, a post entitled ‘You will not be the next Silicon Valley, please stop trying‘ appeared over on Pando Daily, in which the author decided pull a bunch of Irish stereotypes out of the bag to attack the idea. Now, I could detail everything that’s wrong with the article, but the comments there do a perfect job of ripping it apart. ...


  FTP Must Die

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is specified in RFC 959, published in October 1985. The attempt in this specification is to satisfy the diverse needs of users of maxi-hosts, mini-hosts, personal workstations, and TACs, with a simple, and easily implemented protocol design.That's from the introduction. Does anyone here know what a TAC is? I don't. I had to look it up, since the acronym wasn't even expanded in the RFC. It took three tries in Google, and I finally found it in some obscur...


  The Death of File Sharing

Last week’s violent government attack on the hugely popular site Megaupload — the U.S. government arresting Belgian citizens in New Zealand, of all places, and stealing at gunpoint servers bank accounts and property — has sent shock waves through the entire digital world. The first shock was the realization that the gigantic protest against legislative moves (SOPA and PIPA) that would smash the Internet turned out to be superfluous. The thing everyone wanted to prevent is already here. SOP...


  So, just what IS the problem with Windows Phone?

Charlie Kindel (who left Microsoft earlier this year after 21 years, most recently as a Windows Phone General Manager), posted today on an “impedance mismatch” between carriers and device manufacturers, and Windows Phone, where those carriers and OEMs are “reluctant” to push Windows Phone, while Google’s Android has taken an approach that “reduces friction with carriers & device manufacturers at the expense of end users”. Kindel seems to be implying that Microsoft has taken ...