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  W3C Pronounces HTML5 Standard Complete, Changing Web Development Forever

As a gesture of highest level of endorsement, W3C – World Wide Web consortium has published its recommendation for HTML5. A follow-up to HTML4 - HTML5 underwent a continuous process of development all these years, and recently, the standard version was finalized after years spent on adding features, tweaking and iterating. The end user might not notice any changes, however chances are that your web browser already supports HTML5 features like vector graphics and (video) element – unless you...


  Cool HTML5 matrix effect

Do you still remember the movie The Matrix? Do you still remember the cool matrix effect in that movie? How is that effect achieved? Shaun Dunne shared a piece of HTML5 code which displays a cool matrix effect. The matrix demo can be found here. Below is the code which he achieves this effect: with var s = window.screen; var width = q.width = s.width; var height = q.height = s.height; var letters = Array(256).join(1).split(''); var draw = function () { q.getContext('2d').fillStyle='rgba(0,0,...

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  HTML5 Web Worker

Web Worker is a JavaScript multithreading solution provided by HTML5. we can put some compute intensive codes into Web Worker and it will not hang the user interface. 1. How to use Web Worker Web Worker's basic mechanism is to use Worker to load a JavaScript file to create a new thread in JavaScript's main thread. It will not block other thread's execution and will provide a data exchange interface between main thread and new thread : postMessage() and onmessage. Let's look at an example: //work...


  6 amazing HTML5 animation effects

HTML5 is rapidly developed in WEB world, it puts all kinds of pressure to browser development, but at the same time it also brings us lots of unexpected page effects. If we can use some HTML5 elements on our web apps,  we may get different user experience. However, for HTML5, there are lots of places need to improved. The following HTML5 animation effects are very attractive. 1. HTML5 mouseover image effect This HTML5 animation effect can be used in photo gallery, users can preview the...

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  The world's first HTML5 SIP client

This is the world's first open source HTML5 SIP client (May 12, 2012) entirely written in javascript for integration in social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+), online games, e-commerce sites... No extension, plugin or gateway is needed. The media stack rely on WebRTC. The client can be used to connect to any SIP or IMS network from your preferred browser to make and receive audio/video calls and instant messages. The protocol parsers (SIP, SDP...) are highly optimized using Ragel loo...

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  Will HTML5 ever overtake native mobile apps?

Since now HTML5 has become a very hot topic. It can be used develop some highly functional and amazing applications on desktop and mobile devices. Also, there are many libraries which are using HTML5 to develop some native app like applications on iPhone and Android systems such as PhoneGap. Someone on Quora asked a question which many people are concerning about.: Will HTML5 ever overtake native mobile apps? It seems that the number of people who are agreeing with it equals to the number of peo...

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  The header element in HTML 5

Currently HTML5 is exciting and anyone who want to builds web pages is looking forward to implementing HTML5 new tags into their sites. Definitely HTML5 tags are very rich in functions that make life much easier for both webmasters and end users Within the HTML5 specfication we can see that there have been a significant number of new tags added, one of these the <header> element is what we’ll be covering here. We will talk about when to use it, when not to use it. As we are use...

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  How to draw pentagram in HTML5 canvas

I wrote simple function to this magical symbol I like so much: 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930<!doctype html><html><body>    <canvas id="c" width="500" height="500"></canvas>    <script> var ctx = (document.getElementById("c")).getContext("2d"); // draws rotated pentagram with or without cirlefunction pentagram( ctx, x, y, radius, rotate, circle ){    ctx.beginPath();&nbs...

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