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  An easy way to log client side information to server

JavaScript debug is a very troublesome thing in web application development. Because many web browsers will not notify you if there is any error in the JavaScript codes you write. They just silently fail and block the following codes execution. In order to debug JavaScript codes, we need a good log mechanism which will help us log the error information,, we often need to log errors in JavaScript codes to server for debug purpose in a production web application, What should we do? The first ...


  Save QWidget as image

Qt library is an excellent GUI library for C++ programmers developed by Nokia and now is an open source project. Often, we may use QPainter to draw strings, lines or images on a QWidget. We can override the QWidget's paintEvent() method when we want to use QPianter object to draw something on a QWidget. If we want to save the items drawn on QWidget as image for later reference, what can we do? We can save a QWidget as an image. Here is the code for achieving this: QPixmap pixmap(this->size())...

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  Three things you should never put in your database

As I've said in a few talks, the best way to improve your systems is by first not doing "dumb things". I don't mean you or your development staff is "dumb", it's easy to overlook the implications of these types of decisions and not realize how bad they are for maintainability let alone scaling. As a consultant I see this stuff all of the time and I have yet to ever see it work out well for anyone. Images, files, and binary data Your database supports BLOBs so it must be a good idea to shove ...

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  Lossless and Transparency Encoding in WebP

In September 2010 we announced the WebP image format with lossy compression. WebP was proposed as an alternative to JPEG, with 25–34% better compression compared to JPEG images at equivalent SSIM index. We received lots of feedback, and have been busy improving the format.Last month we announced WebP support for animation, ICC profile, XMP metadata and tiling. Today, we introduce a new mode in WebP to compress images losslessly, and support for transparency – also kn...


  Using an Image Submit Button within an HTML Web Page Form

If you're using an HTML form on your web site and would like to use an image submit button instead of the boring standard submit button, this HTML code is for you.In order for your form's input box and your image submit button to line up properly, you will need to place it within an HTML table. In addition, unless your image has a transparent background, you will need to set the table background color to the same color as the image background so that it will seamlessly b...