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  Save QWidget as image

Qt library is an excellent GUI library for C++ programmers developed by Nokia and now is an open source project. Often, we may use QPainter to draw strings, lines or images on a QWidget. We can override the QWidget's paintEvent() method when we want to use QPianter object to draw something on a QWidget. If we want to save the items drawn on QWidget as image for later reference, what can we do? We can save a QWidget as an image. Here is the code for achieving this: QPixmap pixmap(this->size())...

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  Nokia fires the Qt team

Recently, Nokia announced that they would lay off around 10000 employees, 700 of them are developers. Among these 700 developers, 100 are the core developers of the open source project Qt.Nokia is the main sponsor of the open source project Qt. According to Mirko Boehm, the core Qt team has around 100 people, this means that Nokia fires the whole Qt team.He criticized Nokia's decision, he thought that a responsible CEO should persuade the team to move to other platforms.Qt team is experienced, t...

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  QScrollArea Scrollbar Display Solution

Qt framework is a popular C++ GUI framework developed by Nokia. And it is also cross platform compatible. Many developers are using Qt to develop C++ GUI programs. In Qt, some important components are deserved our close attention. Many developers faced the problem when they put some widgets in a QScrollArea widget and they want it to display scroll bars when the widgets inside the QScrollArea overflows. After many experiments, I propose a way which can show scroll bars as you expected. The...