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  Oracle released an urgent Java patch

On March 23, Oracle just released an urgent Java patch which is out of its normal update schedule. The security vulnerability is related to the Java SE running in web browsers on desktops. The CVE ID for this issue is CVE-2016-0636. With the unpatched Java, attackers can remotely exploit the target system without username and credentials. Successful exploits can impact the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the user's system. When the user access pages containing malicious code...

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  Google wins the lawsuit against Oracle

According to The Next Web, San Francisco court has made a final decision that Google didn't violate Oracle's Java patent. Although previously some judges and some people in jury said that Google made some mistakes on Java's use. The final decision made by the court saves Google from the charge of Java patent infringement. The next step of this lawsuit was supposed to be the evaluation of the damage and compensation. But now because of court's decision, this step is jumpe...

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  Can API be copyrighted? At least Oracle hopes so

  The result of the lawsuit case war between Oracle and Google is clearer now. The court said that 9 lines of code of Android has violated intellectual property right, these 9 lines of code can be ignored relative to the number of codes for the whole Android system. But just like LinuxToy points out that the reasons why this case catches so much attention are : 1). The amount of money Oracle asked from Google is $1 billion; 2). The statement says Java language itself doesn't violate the int...


  Oracle CEO Mark Hurd : IBM PureSystem is far behind Oracle

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd had an interview with Chinese media in San Francisco on 19th April. Mark Hurd first introduced different levels of Oracle's overall strategy: 1) the product must achieve best among similar products; 2) system open, vertical integration to provide customers with maximum performance; 3) Industry specific solutions; 4) give users the right to choose and the integration of the cloud environment (private cloud, public cloud, mixed cloud). In addition, Mark Hurd share his own...


  Is The Cloud Finally Catching Up With Mighty Oracle?

Oracle for years has seemed impervious to cloud computing. First Larry Ellison dismissed it. Then he sort of touted it, his version at least. But all along, Oracle was growing nicely. The industry chatter didn’t seem to matter. Big companies buy big software systems. Something changed this winter.   Oracle’s software license sales limped up just 2% in December, and the company blamed customer budget cuts and fears over the European debt crisis. Sales to Europe, Africa and the Middl...