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  The biggest change ever of iOS--iOS 7

In this year's WWDC, Apple unveils its new iOS--iOS 7. The new iOS has the most significant change since it first came to the public. But many people may be disappointed about this. I am not one of them. In WWDC, Tim Cook said iOS 7 is more flatter than before and it has a completely new user interface design, new slide to unlock feature, official share and weather apps are redesigned. The weather apple now has almost the same feature as the newly updated Yahoo weather application. Ive said the...

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  Check out YouTube new design

Recently, YouTube has developed its new design, but is is still not officially released. But you can check out the new design now by following the steps below:1. Open on your Chrome or Firefoc2. Press Ctrl + Shift and J in Chrome to open the Developer Tools and Press Ctrl+Shift and K in    Firefox3. On the bottom part of the development tool, you can type some commands there. Copy the following code and paste on the console window on the bottomdocument.cooki...