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  PHP Sucks! But I Like It!

I read a rather interesting post yesterday called PHP: a fractal of bad design. It's been getting a lot of traffic among the PHP community lately because it's rather inflammatory. But to be honest, it does make a lot of really good points. It also makes a lot of mistakes and misses a bigger picture. A Few Mistakes The post makes quite a few mistakes and odd apples to oranges comparisons. Let me point out the major ones that I saw. No Debugger - PHP has xdebug which works quite...

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  Facebook appoints former Google engineer to improve its search function

Facebook has set up a new team to improve its search products, the team leader is Lars Rasmussen who was a former Google engineer..The team consists of more than 20 engineers which is led by Rasmussen. The main efforts are to achieve easier sorting for contents which are created by users on Facebook . This will help Facebook be a more powerful search engine, which not only allows the user to stay longer on Facebook, but also helps Facebook make more profits by selling keyword ads like ...


  How to read Haskell like Python

Have you ever been in the situation where you need to quickly understand what a piece of code in some unfamiliar language does? If the language looks a lot like what you’re comfortable with, you can usually guess what large amounts of the code does; even if you may not be completely familiar how all the language features work.For Haskell, this is a little more difficult, since Haskell syntax looks very different from traditional languages. But there's no really deep difference here; you just h...