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  Where do software engineers get highest pay?

According to Tencent Tech, Tech companies are generous to engineers is not a secret because there is a lack of excellent engineers. These companies are willing to pay high salary and provide attractive welfare to attract these talented people. Recently, a list of companies which pay highest average salary to software engineers is published. The interesting thing is Apple, Google or Facebook is not the company which pays highest. Then which one? The answer is Juniper. The average salary in Junipe...

   Software engineer,Salary,Juniper     2013-04-12 21:06:52

  Stanford Computer Science '10-'11 Salary Survey Results

CS/EE UndergradsData: I received 140 responses which described 360 job offers. 95% of the job offers were primarily located in the Bay Area, 5% were from the Midwest and East Coast. 10% of the job offers were from start-ups.Salary offers ranged from $64,400 to $100,000. The average salary offer was $79,914. The median salary offer was $ 82,200.About 70% of students were offered stock options. About 80% of students were offered signing bonuses. And about 60% were offered relocation assistan...

   Stanford,Computer science,Salary,Survey     2011-12-25 00:54:41

  10 happiest tech companies in 2013

According to Tencent Tech, CareerBliss released a list of happiest tech company in America in 2013. Intuit is the happiest tech company in America in 2013. While Google which is widely considered as a best company to work for only ranks 4th place. Let's take a look at the top 10 happiest tech companies. 1. Intuit Happiness index : 4.27 Average salary: $77000 Don't think it's boring to work in a company which focus on software development, in contrast it's very interesting to work in Intuit. Bec...

   CareerBliss,Happiest tech company     2013-04-18 12:33:43

  The Programmer Salary Taboo

Salary is an interesting topic. It's certainly one everyone has an opinion on. It's also a uniquely taboo subject among members of the working public. Since I'm about a month away from being done with University and entering the programmer workforce, I've taken to asking my classmates what type of starting salaries they're getting at their first jobs. The first thing I discovered is that not everybody is very comfortable with this question, and many companies are even less so. Microsoft requests...

   Salary,IT company,Taboo,Google,Microsoft     2011-04-18 00:19:03

  Here Are The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs At Google

South African job listing site JobVine compiled the following chart of the top ten salaries at Google, compiled from Glassdoor.The top pay is for contract positions leading software development. It's not uncommon to see contractors earn more salary than full-time employees at big tech companies, because they're often not able to get stock options and perks.For jobs within the company, it looks like directors of product management are the highest paid, which is fitting with Google's new...

   Google,Salary,Statistics,Job,Salary level     2011-10-14 11:24:42

  Which one cost more in development : Android vs iOS

As for which platform has more development cost, there are many different views. Using Android we no need to spend money on an expensive Mac computer, iOS test machine and $99 year fee for each developer account. While developing iOS apps does not require much testing, screen adaption, debug and script compatibility considerations. Let's see a few views shared by some developers. Nan Li, ERP/SAP/Mobile network/Japan/Apple/KKK@ifanr Because of the performance of iOS, it actually has domina...

   Android,iOS,Development cost,Comparison     2012-03-23 13:39:48

  Why do business analysts and project managers get higher salaries than programmers?

People get paid less than their employers' "reservation price" (the most they would ever pay), and more than their "marginal product" (the least they would ever work for). Your actual pay on that spectrum is based on your bargaining power, relative to your employer.Say your services to your company are worth $1000 a day. Under the gun, he would pay you that if he had no other choice. Say you would work for $100 a day if you had no other options. That's your range.Say you're new and independent a...

   Programmer,Program manager,Salary,Difference,Bargain power,Economic     2011-11-21 03:06:30

  From College To Silicon Valley: Tips From A Veteran

Editor’s note: Pedram Keyani has been an engineer at Facebook since 2007. He is a manager on the Site Integrity team, the inventor of Keg Presence and a Hackathon enthusiast. Looking for internships and jobs after college can be exhilarating, especially for people with engineering and other technical expertise. In an otherwise tough job market, demand for software engineers is higher than ever right now. You may find that companies are actually competing to pay you for the knowledge you wo...

   Career,College,Silicon valley,Transition,Experience     2012-02-20 05:34:24

  Pay Your Programmers $200/hour

If you are hiring programmers, you should pay them $200/hr. This breaks through otherwise impenetrable psychological barriers, helps solve the agency problem, and ensures you are only hiring programmers when you really need them. Expectations $200/hr is an open declaration of your expectations. It states that you are expecting to hire both a professional and an expert in the field. As a programmer, I treat contracts that pay me $200/hr differently from jobs/contracts that pay me $65/hr eq...

   Salary,Programmer,Responsibility,Urgency,Value     2011-12-31 15:34:57

  Is programmer really profession for youth only?

- dedicated to the new programmers just into the workplace.

One young Chinese friend asked me: is programmer meant only for less experienced youth? Should I consider transition once if I work on it until 30 years old?

   Programmer,Youth,Product,Project,Career,Analysis     2012-03-18 07:06:44