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  Where do software engineers get highest pay?

According to Tencent Tech, Tech companies are generous to engineers is not a secret because there is a lack of excellent engineers. These companies are willing to pay high salary and provide attractive welfare to attract these talented people. Recently, a list of companies which pay highest average salary to software engineers is published. The interesting thing is Apple, Google or Facebook is not the company which pays highest. Then which one? The answer is Juniper. The average salary in Junipe...

   Software engineer,Salary,Juniper     2013-04-12 21:06:52

  Mobile devices are facing new threats

More and more companies allow employees to use smartphones and tablet PCs in workplace, but they are facing a new potential threat - malware embedded in games and applications.Dan Hoffman, network security company Juniper Networks mobile security director, said the application store is quickly becoming the main delivery mechanism of infected applications. Consumers purchase applications for their equipments through an online application store.As the consumers are free to download applicatio...

   Mobile device,Data security,Malicious software     2012-04-05 13:00:57

  Silicon Valley engineers have something to say about work from home

Quitting from Google and joined Yahoo which was thought as a declining giant, Marissa Mayer has been trying to prove that she has the ability to lead this Internet giant to reverse the decline. In order to boost the low morale of the employees, Meyer tried to transplant Google's work culture to Yahoo with office decoration, free lunch and issuance of smart phones, these generous measures let her win the applause of the Silicon Valley.But a recent ban issued by Meyer has attracted a lot of contro...

   Work from home,Yahoo, Marissa Mayer     2013-03-07 02:39:23