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  CSS3 animation vs CSS3 transition

Both CSS3 animation and CSS3 transition can be used to transition an element in a webpage. They can be used to transition some CSS properties within a given period of time. They have many similarities. They do have a few differences as well. So an user needs to understand the differences between them in order to better use them in different scenarios. First, let's see an example on how to change the width of a div from 100px to 200px within 2 seconds when hovering on it. With CSS3 animation , th...

   CSS3 animation,CSS3 transition, Difference     2015-06-15 08:46:39

  How ScrollerJS works

ScrollerJS is a light weight number scroller module to be embedded in web apps. It provides fancy number scrolling animations. ScrollerJS supports both CSS transition and DOM animation to handle the animation needed. If CSS transition is supported in a browser, CSS transition will be the preferred option for animation. If in old browsers where CSS transition is not supported. DOM animation will be chosen automatically. How does the number scrolling actually work? To transition a number from 0 to...

   ScrollerJS,JavaScript,CSS,GitHub     2015-06-11 06:54:44

  Ensure triggering transitionend event in JavaScript

CSS3 Transition has been widely used in modern web app development to offer users animations. Traditionally animations of element in HTML are controlled by JavaScript. If fancy animation is desired, then third party plugins can be installed in browsers such as Flash, Silverlight, Java Applet etc. With CSS3, animations can be easily achieved like a charm. Transition is one of the many features provided by CSS3. It can be used to transit one element from one state to another state smoothly within ...


  JavaScript finite state machine

Finite state machine is a very useful design model, it can be used to simulate many events in the world. In short, finite state machine has three features: Number of states is finite At any moment, one object can only be in one state In some condition, it will transfer from one state to another state In JavaScript, finite state machine can be applied in many places. For example, one menu element on a webpage. When the mouse hovers on the menu, the menu will show up, while the mouse moves away...

   JavaScript,Finite state machine,State     2013-09-02 11:00:57

  The Book That Every Programmer Should Read

No, it’s not Knuth’s “The Art of Programming”. I’m talking about quite an easy-to-read (compared to TAoP) book, which, in fact, does not require any engineering or mathematical background from the reader.I am talking about C. Petzold’s “CODE”. It is a truly remarkable book about how computers work. Let me explain why I think this book is so awesome.The book starts from the very beginning, from explaining what code is, bringing several examples, like Morse code...

   Programmer,Book,Must read,CODE,C. Petzold     2011-10-31 10:43:58

  Siri in Practice

Some quick comments on using Siri in practice—for things other than asking it to open the pod bay doors. Siri’s voice recognition is very impressive, and the scope of what it understands is very good given the difficulty of what it’s doing. But it has a lot of trouble with certain sorts of names—Irish names, for example, which often are not written as pronounced. For example there are a lot of people in Ireland named “Aoife”—it’s a very popular girl’s name, pronounced “Eee-fa...

   Siri,Apple,Practice,Artificial Intelligence,AI     2011-10-15 15:01:13

  ScrollerJS vs Odometer

Both ScrollerJS and Odometer are two JavaScript libraries to transition one number to another number with animation. They provide user a fancy animation about scrolling numbers. These libraries can be used in many scenarios such as user statistic counter, timer or odometer. This post is going to have a comparison on these two open source libraries. Below is a table which lists the features the two libraries have: Feature ScrollerJS Odometer Language JavaScript and CSS JavaScript and CSS S...

   JavaScript, Odometer, ScrollerJS, Open source, CSS Transition     2015-05-13 02:10:55

  Is programmer really profession for youth only?

- dedicated to the new programmers just into the workplace.

One young Chinese friend asked me: is programmer meant only for less experienced youth? Should I consider transition once if I work on it until 30 years old?

   Programmer,Youth,Product,Project,Career,Analysis     2012-03-18 07:06:44

  The Anatomy of a Perfect Web Site

Many sites on the web are good. They are well-designed, clear, have great information architecture and are easy to navigate. Often, web designers emphasize the “design” part too much, and neglect the other equally important things. However, there are sites which aren’t that aesthetically pleasing, but still are the best sites in the world. They may look like a big, sad bag of wrestling underwear on the outside, but their underlying user experience is really, really refined, and thus m...

   Website,web design,Anatomy,Interaction,Feature     2011-11-08 09:00:34

  Nokia finally announces the death of Symbian

According to Nokia confirmed that the 808 PureView released last year would be the last phone equipped with Symbian OS in its Q4 financial report. This means that Symbian has been officially declared dead.Nokia said in the report: "In 2012, during the process of transition to Windows Phone, we continue to sell Symbian devices. The Nokia 808 PureView launched in the middle of last year is the last Symbian device."In Q4 2012, sales of Symbian phones were 2.2 million which was equivalent...

   Nokia, Symbian, Windows Phone     2013-01-24 06:45:17