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  Solve Hibernate "Too many connections" issue in MySQL

When working with Hibernate and MySQL, sometimes some exceptions will be thrown after sometime. The exception may seem like : java.sql.SQLException: Data source rejected establishment of connection, message from server: "Too many connections" This means there are too many active connections on the MySQL, you can use SHOW STATUS LIKE '%Threads_connected%'; to check the active connections to MySQL. If you want to change the maximum connections allowed to MySQL. You can execute: set global max_co...

   MySQL,Hibernate,Clos     2013-09-04 22:20:49

  Google will close shopping search service in China

Google vice president of products Sameer Samat posted a news on Google Blackboard, since the service failed to meet the expectations, in order to better optimize resources, Google decided to close the shopping search service in China.In order to better optimize resources, we have decided to close the shopping search service in China. The original intention of the development of this product is to set up a bridge between consumers and retailers and traders. However it did not meet our expectatio...

   Shopping search service, Google China     2012-12-12 14:30:44

  Update parent window after closing the window opened by

Imagine we have a webpage which has a text field to let user enter a date. Usually, we may create a calendar window to ask the user to pick one date from the calendar window, when the date is picked, the calendar window will close and the date picked will be put into the text field. This way involves the method in JavaScript, and we may think how the opened window knows its parent window and then updates the parent window. I give a simple demo on this.We have two pages, on is the p..., JavaScript,update, return value     2012-06-23 01:36:32

  Should we use Abstract class or Interface?

When we write programs, we may often get into a situation where we don't know whether we should use Abstract class or Interface when we want to define an abstract object. These two are very similar and they are interchangeable in many cases. On Stackoverflow, this question is asked lots of times and it's related to many programming languages. Also in the official documentation of PHP regarding the Abstract class and Interface, people are arguing about this. To understand this question, their dif...


  Android create button tutorial

This tutorial assumes that you already have an activity and are using an XML layout. Open the layout XML and add the button element.  Assign an ID with the “@+id” operator.  The + tells Android to generate an ID for this element so that you can reference it in your Java files. This is an example. Your layout and text elements will probably be very different. In this example case, the ID of the button is “close”. <Button android:id="@+id/close" android:lay...

   Android,Simulator,Button,XML,Tutorial     2014-11-07 08:30:10

  Google starts to clean up its service again

Google announced on its official blog that they would clean up its service again following the fall of 2011. They will close some features and services to stay focused and make good use of other opportunities.Google Reader and Snapseed are listed in the cleaning list. Google will switch off Google Reader on July 1 this year and end its service which exists in the past eight years, Users can export feeds using Google Takeout. Google said that this product did have loyal customers, but these year...

   Google, Google Reader,Close     2013-03-13 20:30:34

  Huawei is open to acquire Nokia

Last night Huawei unveiled a new flagship smartphone Ascend P6 in London. It may be the thinnest smartphone in the world and its potential competitor is Samsung Galaxy S4. Before the press event, an article from FT said that Huawei was open to buy Nokia. "We are considering these sorts of acquisitions,maybe the combination has some synerges but depends on the willingness of Nokia. We are open-minded." remarked by Huawei's Richard Yu. After this news, Nokia's share price surges 11% to $4.10 per ...

   Huawei,Nokia     2013-06-19 00:43:38

  Market share of Android approaches 70% globally

According to Sina Tech, research firm Kantar Worldpanel's latest report shows that market share of Android phones exceeds 70% in UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain from March to May, thus drives the global market share of Android close to 70% .The report shows that despite the popularity of smart phones in developed countries slows down, but Android continues its growth. During this period, market share of Android in Europe is 70.4% which is nearly 10% higher than the same period last year. Ap...

   Android,Market share,Europe     2013-07-01 08:21:56

  Why Microsoft chooses Alt+F4 to close a window

For a long time, there is a doubt among lots of Windows users especially those English speaking users, that is why Microsoft chooses Alt+F4 to close a window instead of Alt+Q. Alt+Q is more comfortable to press for many keyboards, also Q represents Quit and it is easier for people to understand. Recently Microsoft answered this doubt. Raymond Chen, longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official Windows historian, said the reason is that not everyone speaks English. It d...

   WINDOWS,MICROSOFT,HISTORY,ALT+F4     2016-02-23 09:56:41

  Apple will shut down Ping on 30th September

What? Apple also has social networks! Yes. Unfortunately, you just heard it and it is to be shut down. In fact, Apple launched Ping not too long ago, in September 2010, it was released together with iTunes 10.Ping allows users to share with your friends the music you are listening to, and you can even share concerts and activities information, and it supports for picture and link sharing. In addition, Ping also includes the "Top Ten" list of features that can be customized, each singer and the ...

   Apple,Ping,Social network     2012-09-12 22:21:31