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  YouTube video player control bar becomes transparent

YouTube has made an update on its video player control bar and made it general available to the public now. The update is to make the video player control bar transparent and float on top of the videos being played. There are no functional changes about this control bar.  The original control bar is black but not transparent. After the update, the control bar looks like: YouTube started to test this new change back in April 2015. At that time, it was tested in a small scale and only a sma...

   YouTube,Video Player,HTML 5, Transparent     2015-08-04 05:14:42

  Latest : Asp.Net 5 Beta 7 Is Now Available developers can now use the latest update 5 Beta 7 on both NuGet and Visual Studio 2015 to make good development practices. The update also has the first public preview of .Net Execution Environment for Linux and Mac without any need of Mono. To know how to use 5 beta 7, read this article further. You need to install the update first to use its features with Visual Studio 2015. You can download and install it from Microsoft’s official site. The update brings ...

   ASP.NET 5 BETA 7     2015-09-18 06:33:54

  Update parent window after closing the window opened by

Imagine we have a webpage which has a text field to let user enter a date. Usually, we may create a calendar window to ask the user to pick one date from the calendar window, when the date is picked, the calendar window will close and the date picked will be put into the text field. This way involves the method in JavaScript, and we may think how the opened window knows its parent window and then updates the parent window. I give a simple demo on this.We have two pages, on is the p..., JavaScript,update, return value     2012-06-23 01:36:32

  How to apply Domain Level Group Policy

As a system administrator, you may often need to create a Windows domain of a computer network in which all user accounts, computers, printers and other security principals, are registered with a central database (called a directory service). Also one or more domain controllers need to be deployed to enable managing the domain. In this post, we will show you how to apply Domain Level Group Policy. There are lots of posts which have covered how to promote a Windows server to a Domain Controller. ...

   Group Policy,Domain Controller,Account Policy, GPO     2015-03-19 03:46:34

  The Windows 8.1 Update is here! What to Expect from it?

Windows has finally released the update for Windows phone, the Windows 8.1! Microsoft has finally released the version upgrade which has interesting enhancements. This may not seem like a major upgrade but it definitely looks interesting. This latest update has been released on the Lumia phones that were running using the 8.0 version. There is a lot to look forward to in this new update, and some of it will definitely feel interesting. Folders along Live Tiles For a long time, people were attrac...

   windows 8.1     2014-08-21 08:34:24

  Oracle released an urgent Java patch

On March 23, Oracle just released an urgent Java patch which is out of its normal update schedule. The security vulnerability is related to the Java SE running in web browsers on desktops. The CVE ID for this issue is CVE-2016-0636. With the unpatched Java, attackers can remotely exploit the target system without username and credentials. Successful exploits can impact the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the user's system. When the user access pages containing malicious code...

   JAVA,SECURITY,ORACLE,NEWS     2016-03-25 08:39:59

  How key-based cache expiration works

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things — Phil Karlton Doing cache invalidation by hand is an incredibly frustrating and error-prone process. You’re very likely to forget a spot and let stale data get served. That’s enough to turn most people off russian-doll caching structures, like the one we’re using for Basecamp Next. Thankfully there’s a better way. A much better way. It’s called key-based cache expiration and it works lik...

   Cache,Expiration,Key-base cache,Work     2012-02-20 05:32:40

  Signature sign/verification demo in Java

Digital signature is commonly used in areas where data authentication and integrity are required. It is extremely important to have signature while transferring sensitive data from one peer to other peers through network since there might be malicious applications or man-in-the-middle attacks which may alter the data along the way. Java provides some APIs to generate and verify digital signature. One important class is Signature.  When generating the signature, a private key needs to be pa...

   SECURITY,JAVA,SIGNATURE     2015-11-21 09:48:12

  Maybe we need //Comment comment

Do we need comment in our programs? Depends, if we can write a program which can clearly tell s the reader what the program does, then we had better to avoid unnecessary comments. However, if the program we develop is complex enough and it involves some uncommon logic which needs more explanation, then we have to add comment and make sure the comment we add can correctly tell the readers what we do. The worst scenarios is not you forget or you don't want to add comment, it's that you add comment...

   comment,programming     2014-07-23 04:38:04

  How the Go language improves expressiveness without sacrificing runtime performance

This week there was a discussion on the golang-nuts mailing list about an idiomatic way to update a slice of structs. For example, consider this struct representing a set of counters. type E struct { A, B, C, D int } var e = make([]E, 1000) Updating these counters may take the form for i := range e { e[i].A += 1 e[i].B += 2 e[i].C += 3 e[i].D += 4 } Which is good idiomatic Go code. It's pretty fast too BenchmarkManual 500000 ...

   Go,Expressiveness,Performace,Sacrifice     2012-02-12 04:53:55