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  How to teach "Modern" Perl?

Since I started my Perl Tutorial series a couple of people commented on what and how I am teaching.Some people asked why did I show "open or die" and why not using autodie. Others recommended the use IO::All instead of open.Another complaint was the introduction of time and localtime instead of DateTime.While I was mostly writing parts of my regular training material these comments led me to think about it again. I wonder how to teach Perl in 2012?When I started to write the tutorial I still cal...

   Perl,Trainning,Teach,Modern,Modern Perl     2011-11-15 08:40:18

  I’m too lazy to be a HTML developer

There’s no denying it. I’m just to damn lazy to be an HTML developer. This really sunk in when I looked at a tutorial for doing a jQuery Lightbox – for a client project. The tutorial was titled “Super Simple Lightbox with CSS and jQuery” but after reading it over I thought a better title would be “A really freaking hard tutorial on the inane intricacies of doing something that looks simple but in reality is a skein of HTML, Javascript and CSS that no one except an HTML Jedi Ma...

   Web design,HTML,JavaScript,Complexity,Messy     2011-12-18 10:42:45

  Android create button tutorial

This tutorial assumes that you already have an activity and are using an XML layout. Open the layout XML and add the button element.  Assign an ID with the “@+id” operator.  The + tells Android to generate an ID for this element so that you can reference it in your Java files. This is an example. Your layout and text elements will probably be very different. In this example case, the ID of the button is “close”. <Button android:id="@+id/close" android:lay...

   Android,Simulator,Button,XML,Tutorial     2014-11-07 08:30:10

  5 Must See HTML5 Sites

With the release of the iPad, HTML5 technology has recently come into the spotlight.  The format that will likely kill Adobe’s Flash is a lot of fun to use, but we’ve  not seen much of it yet. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until the iPad is in your hands to see what HTML5 can do.  If you have a compatible browser, there are already a wealth of sites that show off the capabilities. First, make sure that you have a browser that is capable of rendering HTML5...

   HTML5,Web,Website,Demo     2011-07-01 11:24:44

  A Hello, World Servlet

Servlets are the pure Java solution to handle web requests. Many application will use servlets instead of JSP and others will use servlets in conjunction with JSP. Experienced JSP programmers use servlets in conjunction with JSP to create clearer and simpler applications. The servlets handle Java processing: form handing, calculation and database queries. JSP formats the results. Servlets belong in WEB-INF/classes. On this machine, the source is in Java source in /var/www/hosts/

   Web.xml,Tomcat,Servlet,WEB-INF     2011-05-08 10:31:39

  Helping people find good Perl tutorials

If a co-worker comes to you and asks you: "I would like to learn Perl, where can I find a good Perl Tutorial?", I am sure your would have a few recommendations. If the same person did not know you she would have to type some search term in Google and hope she found the right learning material.Recently Christian Walde (Mithaldu) asked "How do newbies find Perl learning materials online?". Dave Cross responded by checking the top results when searching for "perl tutorial".It shows that many p...

   Perl,Perl tutorial,Resource,Website     2011-11-03 13:34:33

  Different ways to print "Hello world" in Java

This post is not about best practice to print "Hello world" in Java, it is about exploring different capabilities offered by Java. Also there are articles about printing "Hello world" in different programming languages, but this post is not about that. Standard literal The most commonly used way is to use System.out to print"Hello world". System.out.println("Hello world"); Enumeration An enumeration can define a set of values belonging to one category. For example, an enumeration for all months ...

   JAVA,FEATURE     2016-05-21 21:49:48

  this keyword in Lambda expression in Java 8

Since the release of Java 8, people are excited to see a big feature added to this language which is existing in other languages for a long time -- Lambda expression. The introduction of lambda expression in Java 8 gives people an easy way or a vertical to horizontal way to solve problems. There are many posts on the Internet which shows how to use lambda expression in Java, such as Lambda Quick Start and Java 8 Lambda Expressions Tutorial with Examples. In this post, we will only focus on the t...

   this,lambda expression,Java 8     2014-06-01 03:57:05

  Websites Android developers must bookmark

Android now is an extremely popular mobile OS on the planet. This small robot creates a big world. Many developers are also devoting themselves to Android development. For both novices and experts, you all need to keep your skills updated and know what's happening in Android community. So we recommend some websites which you should bookmark. News Android People : Very interesting and most updated Android Weekly : Newsletters specially for Android developers Android and me PHAndroid Blogs Android...

   Android development,Resource     2013-07-23 20:45:28

  Using keytool to create certificate chain

JDK provides a command line tool -- keytool to handle key and certificate generation. This tool has a set of options which can be used to generate keys, create certificates, import keys, install certificate and export certificates etc. In this tutorial, we will show how to create certificate chain using keytool. If you want to understand how to create certificate chain programmably, please refer to Generate certificate in Java -- Certificate chain. To begin, we first generate a key pair whi...