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  Huawei is open to acquire Nokia

Last night Huawei unveiled a new flagship smartphone Ascend P6 in London. It may be the thinnest smartphone in the world and its potential competitor is Samsung Galaxy S4. Before the press event, an article from FT said that Huawei was open to buy Nokia. "We are considering these sorts of acquisitions,maybe the combination has some synerges but depends on the willingness of Nokia. We are open-minded." remarked by Huawei's Richard Yu. After this news, Nokia's share price surges 11% to $4.10 per ...

   Huawei,Nokia     2013-06-19 00:43:38

  Google Nexus Event Live

Google is going to have new Nexus product release at 12 o'clock 30th September(Beijing time). This new Nexus will ship with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow system from Google.  Here is the live stream from YouTube. Two Nexus phones are expected to be unveiled tonight. They are from LG and Huawei respectively.. The Nexus 6P is Huawei's first Nexus device and will be available for pre-order on Tuesday in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada and Japan starting at $499.99 and the devic...

   LIVE,ANDROID 6.0,NEXUS,GOOGLE     2015-09-29 10:57:04

  Google feels the threat from Samsung

In response to Apple's iOS system, Google and Samsung stood on the same side. But with the increase of market share of Samsung Android devices, Google begins to feel the threat from Samsung.On MWC in Barcelona, a group of business executives said Google increasingly worried about Samsung after a private party. Because its equipment has occupied 40% of the Android devices, which could erode the Google advertising service. Google hopes manufacturers such as HTC and HP can challenge Samsung.It is r...

   Google,Samsung,Android     2013-02-27 21:12:17

  A collection of color schemes for some famous websites in China

Each website has a color scheme which identifies itself. By looking at one color, we can know which website it is for. These color schemes can be identified from their logos, nav-bars, background etc. We collect some color schemes for some famous Chinese websites. Alibaba (#f90)   Baidu (#0000cc)   Huawei (#e30a12)   HTC (#69b40f)   JD (#c91623)   Renren (#105ba3)   Sina (#e4351e)   Sohu (#fdd000)   Taobao (#ff4400)   Tencent (#0397de)   Tmall (#...

   Website,Color scheme,China     2013-08-21 12:32:14

  Welcome To The Latest Technology Of This ERA

In the era of 70’s, Hollywood showed us a glimpse of gadgets that we would be having in the 21st century. Here we are! Driving cars without a driver, having one phone in our wrists and another one in our pockets, and what not!? The promises that Hollywood made are eventually coming true. Here is a list of some latest technologies that we have never thought of if we go back to the 70’s and now they are so common. Waterproof Phone Now-a-days people are so addicted to phones that they ...


  Fujitsu CTO: Flash is just a stopgap

Flash is a necessary waystation as we travel to a single in-memory storage architecture. That's the view from a Fujitsu chief technology officer's office. Dr Joseph Reger, CTO at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, is that office-holder, and – according to him – flash is beset with problems that will become unsolvable. He says we are seeing increases in flash density at the expense of our ability to read and write data. Each shrink in process geometry, from 3X to 2X and onto 1X, shortens f...

   Flash,Memory,Bottleneck,Limitation,Futur     2011-08-12 07:31:34