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Huawei is open to acquire Nokia

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Last night Huawei unveiled a new flagship smartphone Ascend P6 in London. It may be the thinnest smartphone in the world and its potential competitor is Samsung Galaxy S4. Before the press event, an article from FT said that Huawei was open to buy Nokia. "We are considering these sorts of acquisitions,maybe the combination has some synerges but depends on the willingness of Nokia. We are open-minded." remarked by Huawei's Richard Yu.

After this news, Nokia's share price surges 11% to $4.10 per share, after that there was a bit drop and the close price was $3.90 per share. The cause of the drop is because Huawei officially made statement about denying acquiring Nokia, there was some miscommunication between FT and Huawei.

Nokia is the pillar of Windows Phone, and Huawei is a big player in Android camp, so the acquisition is very difficult if Microsoft doesn't agree with. Although Nokia's device department and service department are relatively safe, the NSN which provides device and solution for network communication is not so safe. If Huawei can buy NSN, then it can enhance its power and close its distance with Samsung and Apple.

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