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  Coming back, Nokia?

Nokia officially unveiled an Windows Phone 8 phone model Lumia 920T in cooperation with China Mobile in yesterday's Global Developer Conference of China Mobile. This is the first to support China Mobile's TD-SCDMA 3G mobile phone network standard in the Windows Phone ecosystem, it that Windows Phone is available in TD camp. Meanwhile, as China Mobile's official custom models, Lumia 920T will be sold using China Mobile's sales channel, this may further promote the sales of Nokia Windows Phone dev...

   Nokia, China Mobile, Lumia 920T,TD-SCDMA     2012-12-06 13:17:24

  Samsung announces Galaxy Note II

Samsung announced Galaxy Note II in today's Mobile Unpacked conference. It has been one year since the first generation of Galaxy Note released in October last year.Galaxy Note Ⅱ is not lighter, but a little thinner compared to Galaxy Note I. It is equipped with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a 5.5-inch screen. Detailed parameters are as follows: 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor 5.5 inches HD Super AMOLED screen, 1280 x 720 (16:9) 8 megapixel rear camera, 1.9 megapixel front camera 2G RAM, 16/...

   Samsung,Galaxy Note II,Parameters,Price     2012-08-29 20:01:08

  First Chinese app on Google Glass : is an open source PM2.5 project developed by BestApp. It retrieves PM2.5 data of different cities in China through a crawler and then processes the data retrieved. They also created an API which enables third parties to access these data. Now the team has built something new, they moved this project to Google Glass and developed the world's first Chinese Google Glass application -- Now users with Google Glass can check PM2.5 of different cities in China. The final effect on Goog...

   Google Glass,China,,BestApp     2013-06-23 10:17:40

  Path gets another $40miliion investment

Social network website Path may officially announce today that it has completed its funding round B. According to sources, Red Point led this round of  funding of $ 40 million. In addition,  Path's market value is estimated about $ 250 million.Path was established in November 2010, there are currently over 2 million registered users. The company's slogan "Path to help you easily share with friends Life". Path call themselves "private social network" because Path is based on e-mail addr...

   Path,Social network,Funding round     2012-04-17 06:50:10

  Why Windows?

Since the latest episodes of both Bent and Throw it Against the Wall have seen me mention Windows Phone 7, I think it’s about time I talk about why I like it. I know there’s a lot of scepticism surrounding it. And why not? Most people I know who were considering jumping the Microsoft ship did so in the dark days of Vista, so that’s their last experience with Windows. Anyone who saw their parents working on a Treo back in the nascent days of the Blackberry know the sloppy, malfunctio...

   Windows,Features,Advantage     2012-02-10 06:22:13

  Google+ doesn't support Firefox 23?

Mozilla just released a new version of Firefox--Firefox 23, but after upgrading to the new version. We cannot login to Google+ anymore, instead it will show a page which says "Your browser is no longer supported" and it gives some choices to download new web browsers. It also allows to download Firefox. But the thing is we have updated to the latest version. Also when clicking on the "Download Firefox" link, it is redirected to the download Firefox for Android page, is it weird? Is this becaus...

   Firefox 23,Google+     2013-08-10 21:46:27

  Cross platform portable class libraries and .net

What’s that happy little feature developers are admiring? Oh that’s Portable class libraries that have been chugging along, during their thing and delivering to the point results wherever used by developers. If a developer is not writing .net applications for multiple targets, then he likely hasn’t bumped into these libraries. However, developers who are writing .net apps and want these apps to run on every platform from watches to tablets to desktops to the cloud, they can ava..., Cross platform     2015-01-12 05:06:44

  What does a contemporary web developer need to know?

The early ages of web era mainly consisted of webpages of text and links. At that time,Netscape was the still dominant of web browser market. As a web developer, you could develop web apps(or better to call web pages) easily with knowledge of HTML only. But with the evolution of web, new technologies came out, we can see more robust web apps around us everywhere. Today as a web developer, the ability to run and configure a web server and edit HTML to create some simple web pages has lost almost ...

   Web design,Advice     2013-12-20 06:31:51

  TIOBE : Objective-C overtakes C++

TIOBE recently released the programming community index for July. From the index,we can find that the biggest change is that Objective-C overtakes C++ as the 3rd most popular language among programmers. Because of the popularity of iPhone and iPad, Objective-C is used by more and more mobile developers who want to develop apps for Apple products. Also, many developers are willing to develop apps for Apple since they can gain more profit on Apple platform than on Android platform.C++ is mainly us...

   TIOBE,July,C++,Objective-C,overtake     2012-07-05 22:49:49

  Instagram gains 78% more visits after acquired by Facebook

Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, its popularity continually heats up. Some  data shows that independent views of  Instagram surges 78%.In April, Instagram’s website saw a 78 percent uptick in unique visitors in the U.S., making the web property of the photo-sharing phenom the highest gaining site on the Internet for the month, according to analytics firm comScore.. For an application whose all functions are present in the mobile terminal, the site of Instagram is only use...

   Facebook,Instagram,App,Website     2012-05-28 05:45:32