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  Google headquarter : A place of fantasy

Google is considered as the best place to work for by many people. It's famous for providing employees various relaxed work environment and attractive welfare. If you have the chance to visit Google's office or you have watched the movie Internship, you will get to know what it is like to work in Google. However, not everyone has the chance to walk in Google's walkways. So we share with you what Google's work environment is like with some images. Every car park in Google has some rows of electr...

   Google,Work place,Visit,Headquarter     2013-09-21 11:09:27

  Will HTML5 ever overtake native mobile apps?

Since now HTML5 has become a very hot topic. It can be used develop some highly functional and amazing applications on desktop and mobile devices. Also, there are many libraries which are using HTML5 to develop some native app like applications on iPhone and Android systems such as PhoneGap. Someone on Quora asked a question which many people are concerning about.: Will HTML5 ever overtake native mobile apps? It seems that the number of people who are agreeing with it equals to the number of peo...

   HTML5,Native app,Mobile     2012-05-10 06:51:46

  8 Essential Mobile Game App Development Tools

Who doesn’t love playing a game on their mobile? Temple run had caught the whole world’s attention to such an extent that right from children to elder people in the household were glued to this game. It is indeed interesting that mobile games can keep your kids occupied. In fact, they are the best stress busters available in the present times. Remember how you used to steal some hours just to play candy crush while on the break? This way you used to relieve yourself of the stress bun...

       2014-10-09 05:00:05

  Web design trends for 2014

Now, it's age of web, many resource and manpower have been invested in web to extend and enhance the capability of web. Every year there are new web designs and technologies emerging. In recent years, with the popularity of handhold devices such as smart phones and smart devices like iPads,Surface, responsive design is becoming a requirement, also we can find flat design in many places. The web design trend is changing dramatically. Many people may wonder what's the web design trend in 2014? Jow...

   web design,trend,2014     2014-06-01 08:27:35

  The Golden Age of Design in Startups

I just returned from Dave McClure’s excellent Warm Gun Conference, and I haven’t been this excited to be a designer in a while. The entire event was about design, metrics, and products, and even more importantly the people at the conference were many of the who’s who in Bay Area design. From what I saw and experienced there I daresay there are signs we’re entering a golden age of Design. The evidence: 1. The startups being invested in are designer-led. Take the new Designer Fund ...

   Designer,Golden age,Startup,Talent,Founder     2011-12-05 12:35:33

  Facebook : App Center is more suitable for developers

Facebook recently announced that they will release their own app store named App Center. It will be released in a few weeks. At the same time, Facebook also released the introduction page of the App Center, it introduces to developers the process of app submission and the standards of app approval.Facebook allows developer to provide charged apps via App Center. Since it has over 900 million active users globally, so many developers are willing to develop apps on this platform. Facebook will dec...

   Facebook,App Center,Introduction     2012-05-13 01:03:56

  5 things my 4-year-old taught me about technology

One of the great things about being a parent is that you get to see how kids use technology. I have a 4 year-old daughter who loves to mess around with my phone, watch videos on YouTube and play Angry Birds.It’s fun to watch her interact with these things, not only because she’s already better at some of the games than me. The really interesting stuff happens when stuff doesn’t work the way she expects it to, or when she finds ways to use tech that I hadn’t thought of. That’s when I ge...

   Learning,Children,Siri,Voice,Tech,Course     2011-10-26 07:07:48

  Please Steal These webOS Features

When Apple introduced the first iPad in 2010, I bought one immediately. I didn’t know what I’d use it for, but I was sure that I would find some use for it. I never did. I played around with it, wrote some code for it, but eventually stopped using it. I would pick it up from time to time to read something or watch a YouTube movie, but even that was a rare occurrence. I have since picked up an iPad 2, and I’m using it a lot more than the first iPad, but again, I’m pretty much only ...

   WebOS,Feature,HP,borrow     2012-02-22 05:45:49

  Future of Healthcare Application Development Goes Beyond Your Expectations

Healthcare application development sector is still progressing and growing with changing needs of medial sector. While healthcare apps are hot now, the future of healthcare app development sector lies in technology implementation and consultation. In this article, we will discuss majorly on four facts – Which healthcare apps are hot now? What is the future of medical health? Which medical apps you can trust? What to look for in medical health apps? Let us discuss on all of these fa...


  Top 10 WhatsApp Tips & Tricks To Try in 2017

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