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  Windows 8.1 will be released on October 18

According to TheVerge, Microsoft Windows 8.1 will be released on October 18. Windows 8 users can download the free update on Windows Store one day before the release date, There will be a formal release press on October 18. In next few weeks, Windows 8 RTM will be open to PC manufacturers and partners. In this year's WPC, Microsoft demonstrated their latest Windows 8.1 on various devices most of the time, including the 8-inch Tablet PC, laptops, desktops and even streamed content from PC to Xbo...

   Windows 8.1,Release date     2013-08-14 11:49:09

  Read 10 new books from O'Reilly for free

Recently O'Reilly provided free access to some books. Some of them are even in early release status. Here we recommend 10 of them. 1、Mastering Perl 2、Git Pocket Guide 3、Vagrant: Up and Running 4、High Performance Browser Networking 5、802.11ac: A Survival Guide 6、Test-Driven Development with Python 7、Interactive Data Visualization for the Web 8、HTML5 Canvas 9、Programming JavaScript Applications 10、Agile Data Source :

   O'Reilly,Free book,Early release     2013-07-03 07:56:20

  Java 9 release is delayed again

The original Java 9 planned release date is March 2017. But latest source shows that Java 9 release will be delayed again to July 2017. It's four months later than the planned date. Oracle Chief Architect of Java Platform group Mark Reinhold proposes this new release date in a message sent on the OpenJDK mailing list.  Despite this progress, at this point it's clear that Jigsaw needs more time. We recently received critical feedback that motivated a redesign of the module ...

   JAVA,RELEASE DATE,JAVA 9,JAVA 9 DELAY     2016-09-26 12:22:53

  Software philosophy: Release early, release often vs polished releases

Release early, release often is a philosophy where you release the product as soon as possible and rapidly iterate it to perfection by listening to your customers. A polished release, on the other hand is where your product, in its initial version is solid, lacks obvious bugs and has just enough features to satisfy a majority of your consumers. Most software companies adopt either one of this and that choice is not superficial. In fact, it roots down to the heart of the company’s ideolo...

   Design philosophy,Release early,Release often,Polished relaese     2011-11-28 09:22:17

  Apple will shut down Ping on 30th September

What? Apple also has social networks! Yes. Unfortunately, you just heard it and it is to be shut down. In fact, Apple launched Ping not too long ago, in September 2010, it was released together with iTunes 10.Ping allows users to share with your friends the music you are listening to, and you can even share concerts and activities information, and it supports for picture and link sharing. In addition, Ping also includes the "Top Ten" list of features that can be customized, each singer and the ...

   Apple,Ping,Social network     2012-09-12 22:21:31

  Office is confirmed to be on iOS and Android

In May, there were news that Microsoft Office software would be on iOS and Android platforms. Now Microsoft officially confirmed the news and said that the Office would be on iOS and Android in some form.Not too long ago, Microsoft Czech branch had said that the Office would be on iOS and Android early next year.Microsoft said: "As we shared previously, Office Mobile will work across Windows Phones, Android phones and iOS, and we have nothing additional to announce today about retail availabili...

   Office,iOS,Android     2012-10-10 21:27:10

  jQuery 2.0 will drop support for some IE6/7/8 oddities

jQuery official website releases its road map for the future jQuery development. This road map reveals that jQuery 1.8 will be released within a month and other consecutive versions will follow the following release plan:jQuery 1.9 (early 2013): many of the interfaces already deprecated in version 1.8 will be removed; some of them will be available as plugins or alternative APIs supported by the jQuery project. IE 6/7/8 will be supported as today.jQuery 1.9.x (ongoing in 2013 and beyond): This v...

   jQuery 2.0,jQuery,IE support     2012-06-29 05:20:27

  Waking up early, 10 tips that work

In this blog post I am going to cover a topic that I have been occupied with for several weeks now: Becoming an early riser. Getting up early can be a great way to help you establish a daily routine which is the first step to becoming more productive. Here I present you 10 tips that helped me in becoming an early riser. 1. Get up The most important step is to get up. Actually not just get up, literally try to jump out of bed. After your alarm rings get up instantly, go to another room and t...

   Body,Rest,Health     2012-04-11 13:44:34

  Windows 8 will be on sale on 26th October

Microsoft announced that they would start to sell Windows 8 on 26th October. Earlier this month at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft promised that they would release Windows 8 in this October.Steven Sinofsky, Windows department manager, announced this news in Microsoft's yearly sales conference. He mentioned that the next generation Windows operating system would be on sale on the Friday 3 months later. But he didn't mention whether Surface would be released at the same time....

   Windows 8, Release date, Sale date,Surface     2012-07-19 10:38:51

  Office 2013 RT for Windows RT tablets may rule out macros and VBA

Office 2013 RT is the office suite optimized for Windows RT system running on ARM tablet PC, Microsoft plans to release a preview version later this year. However, according to TheVerge, Microsoft may remove some features in this version of the Office suite.The so-called optimization, certainly require some changes to Office based on ARM tablet architecture. To remove some features may be because of battery life and machine reliability considerations. Macrso, third-party add-ons, and VBA will be...

   Office 2013,Macro,Window RT     2012-08-07 14:17:53