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  Update parent window after closing the window opened by

Imagine we have a webpage which has a text field to let user enter a date. Usually, we may create a calendar window to ask the user to pick one date from the calendar window, when the date is picked, the calendar window will close and the date picked will be put into the text field. This way involves the method in JavaScript, and we may think how the opened window knows its parent window and then updates the parent window. I give a simple demo on this.We have two pages, on is the p..., JavaScript,update, return value     2012-06-23 01:36:32

  You can get properties of pseudo-element using JavaScript now

The pseudo-element6 in CSS is extremely useful, you can use it to create CSS triangles and lots of other elements without overuse many HTML elements. In the past, you cannot get the property value of pseudo-element in CSS using JavaScript. Now you can call a new method in JavaScript to get them easily. Assume you have below CSS codes: .element:before { content: 'NEW'; color: rgb(255, 0, 0); } To get the properties in .element:before, you can use below JavaScript method: var color = window.getC...

   pseudo-element,property,JavaScript     2014-04-05 20:58:25

  Understand this in JavaScript

In JavaScript, this is always pointing to the owner of a function or a method. Function Let's check out function first. function introduce() {      alert("Hello, I am Laruence\r\n"); } For this function, what does this point to? In JavaScript, a global function's owner is the current page, i.e, the window object. Because its a method of the window object if we define a global function. Now you should know the this will point to the window object in the above function. ...

   JavaScript,this,event,call     2013-04-03 04:10:03

  JavaScript showModalDialog method

In JavaScript, showModalDialog()  method creates a simple modal dialog box which is a simple html page but when a modal dialog opens, user can't switch to another page until it closes the modal dialog box. Syntax:  window.showModalDialog( url, arguments, feature options); Where url is the URL of page which is to be opened in modal window and arguments are those arguments which we are passing to the modal window and feature options are the attributes set for the modal windo...

   JavaScript,JS,showModalDialog,Example     2011-07-27 10:51:47

  Gmail supports 10 GB attachment after integrating with Google Drive

Google today announced Gmail allows users to send attachment up to 10GB after integrating with Google Drive, the attachment size can be 400 times larger than traditional mail attachment size.Google also added another feature recently, it will pop up a separate window when writing new email. The integration of Gmail with Google Drive will introduce one Google Drive button at the bottom of the popup window, as a solution for sending large attachment.At the same time, because the attachment will b...

   Google Drive, Gmail,SkyDrive,attachment     2012-11-28 11:12:56

  Ways to check existence of JavaScript object

The design of JavaScript is not so sophisticated. It's very easy for us to make mistakes if we are not very careful when using JavaScript. For example, to check the existence of JavaScript object.Now we want to check whether a global object myObj exists or not, if it doesn't exist, we declare it. The pseudo code for this is :    if(myObj not exist){        declare myObj;    }You may think it's very easy to write the code. In fact, ...

   JavaScript,object,existence     2012-05-03 08:40:04

  Why Microsoft chooses Alt+F4 to close a window

For a long time, there is a doubt among lots of Windows users especially those English speaking users, that is why Microsoft chooses Alt+F4 to close a window instead of Alt+Q. Alt+Q is more comfortable to press for many keyboards, also Q represents Quit and it is easier for people to understand. Recently Microsoft answered this doubt. Raymond Chen, longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official Windows historian, said the reason is that not everyone speaks English. It d...

   WINDOWS,MICROSOFT,HISTORY,ALT+F4     2016-02-23 09:56:41

  Show drop down list or menu above of a flash in webpage

How to make a drop down menu show above of a  flash in webpage?Normally when we embed a flash or swf file into our webpage, it is not one component of our webpage.So sometimes the flash will always show above of the webpage, it will not interact with our HTML page.To solve this problem,we need to use wmode property of object tag.wmode has three properties: window,opaque and transparent.window : the flash will show in its own rectangular window,which will not interact with    ...

   HTML,Flash,Block,Drop down menu,Solution     2012-03-12 17:13:57

  Guide for installing Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Windows

Have you ever tried to have two OSs installed on your PC? Do you want to try out the new Ubuntu system? If you do want to use Ubuntu when at the same time you are using Windows, you may want to install your Ubuntu in an VirtualBox. In this post, we will show you how to install Ubuntu in VirtualBox on Windows. Pre-requisites VirtualBox -- You can download it from Oracle. Ubuntu -- You can download it from here. Please note it should be an ISO file The Ubuntu used in this post is Ubuntu 12.04 LT...

   Ubuntu,Windows,VirtualBox     2014-01-15 03:21:05

  Run MySQL on Command Line in Windows

Sometimes if we want to run MySQL but we don't have phpMyAdmin installed. What should we do?On Windows we can run MySQL in following steps:Open Console Window->Type "mysqld -u root". This means we start the mysql server with username root. This program will handle all the communications between our console window and the actual data;After starting the server, we need to use a client to connect to the server and communicate with it. the mysql program is right for this. Next in the command cons...

   mysql,console,command line,windows,defau     2011-08-21 04:14:58