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Office 2013 RT for Windows RT tablets may rule out macros and VBA

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Office 2013 RT is the office suite optimized for Windows RT system running on ARM tablet PC, Microsoft plans to release a preview version later this year. However, according to TheVerge, Microsoft may remove some features in this version of the Office suite.

The so-called optimization, certainly require some changes to Office based on ARM tablet architecture. To remove some features may be because of battery life and machine reliability considerations. Macrso, third-party add-ons, and VBA will be ruled out from Office 2013 RT. Some other features may also be removed.

A Microsoft spokesman said that Office 2013 RT did not complete building any package, but there are news that Microsoft Office 2013 RT will have Home and Student preview version pre-installed on all Windows RT devices. For more specific details, we have to wait until the product is released, but the final version may need to wait until early 2013.

What if Office 2013 RT really removes macros and VBA, will the functions on Excel and others be heavily affected?

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