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Turn Your Visitors Into Shoppers With Responsive Magento Website

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In recent years, there has been an influential growth in the number of internet users across the world. If statistics are to be believed, almost 83% of the web users are engaged over smart devices like Tablets, Mobiles, Ipads, Laptops, Desktop, etc. In 2008, the core community of Magento released a spellbinding web development solution i.e Responsive Magento Website to uniformly serve the target audience.

Due to technological advancement in digital realm, there has been a splurged introduction of internet-enabled smart devices in the market. This increasing usage and demand of online visibility has compelled businessmen to switch to an ideal platform like Magento to build customized e-stores which can be viewed uniformly over multiple devices.

Magento comprehends an open-source content management system to build distinctive business online portals to expedite the shopping experience of e-shoppers.The flexible framework of this platform allows professional Magento developers to build device-agnostic websites that fit the screens of various devices. The basic ideology behind the responsive websites is to maintain the symmetry and coordination of the website content to easily turn your frequent viewers into long-term buyers.

How Responsive Websites Benefit All?

Doesn’t matter if you are a novice entrepreneur or an experienced businessmen. If you are among the biggies of digital marketing who keep on looking for some reliable business development solutions, then responsive websites can surely turn out to be your concluding step.

According to the experts, responsive website is the most reliable and future-proof web development solution till date. If you have a business to serve a huge clientele which is adapt to different devices, then you should approach a professional Magento developer to get tailored and compatible web solutions for your business.

Why Responsive Websites Are Superior To Non-Responsive Ones?

  • The prime difference between a responsive and non-responsive website is subject to its compatibility on multiple browsers. A non-responsive website is non-accessible on different browsers.
  • The receptivity of a responsive website is incomparable as it perfectly fits the changing screen sizes of the device on which it is accessed.
  • The visibility and performance of the website are of high quality as compared to the non-responsive ones.
  • Unlike non-responsive websites, the responsive websites allow easy navigation of the website across any device without compromising the content quality.

Salient Features of Magento Responsive Websites:

1. Responsive websites are SEO optimized which helps the commercial websites to get indexed high over the SERP.

2. Mobile-friendly feature turns visitors into long-run clients. Such websites bring in the desired traffic, thus generating the more revenues which boosts the business ROI.

3. Enhanced user-experience with the support of customized themes & templates.

4. Highly innovative and integrated shopping carts to accentuate the shopping experience of online shoppers.

5. A responsive website can perform multiple functions. Thus, a single responsive website congregates the functionality of multiple websites.

These were the key benefits of responsive websites, which have led to the rising demand of Magento based responsive website. Consider this quintessential web solution to elevate your brand expansibility.

Here Are Some More Convincing Reasons To Opt For Responsive Websites

1. More than 65% of smartphone users prefer online shopping.

2. Exponentially, 8 out of 10 smartphone users on internet are e-shoppers

3. Cost effective and feasible web design and development solution.

4. Most importantly, Google considers the responsiveness of a website in its ranking algorithm.

These above-mentioned pointers might have fascinated you but they are true. According to expert technocrats, switching to responsive websites is the smart solution for all the entrepreneurs who are stepping into the world of E-commerce.

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