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6 Astounding Joomla Templates That Support EasyBlog

  victoriabrinsley      2015-07-03 01:25:19      3,770    0

No doubt, blogging offers a fabulous platform where one can express his emotions, and share his views with others over the Internet. It can also help you leverage your business, as you can publish suitable blogs to efficiently promote your products and services. Moreover, one can also use blogs to exhibit his online portfolio and thus, benefit his business. 

Today, there are several blogging platforms that offer a brilliant blogging experience. However, Joomla makes a superior choice among all the available options. There are several factors, including a list of its incredible extensions and templates that add to its credibility. Yes! You can enhance the functionality of your Joomla powered website by simply installing suitable extensions. And, templates can be used to create a desired look and feel.

For the folks seeking an extension to buttress a blog on a Joomla website, EasyBlog by Stackideas make an ideal choice. This effective extension delivers a great performance and supports a variety of blogs like personal blog category blogs, company blogs and a lot more. 

EasyBlog – A Foreword 

EasyBlog is a marvelous tool that is designed to augment the blogging experience. It features a powerful EasyBlog Composer that enables one to conveniently write blogs, integrate desired media files, share media with other social networking services and a lot more. You can create your blog in a requisite layout by reaping the benefits of the available drag and drop feature. Moreover, you can manage your blog anytime and anywhere, as this extension is mobile optimized. These are just a few of the compelling features of EasyBlog, there are several more amazing benefits, including smooth and seamless integration with third-party extensions, compatible with a list of popular templates, and so forth. 

If you are interested in installing the EasyBlog extension on your Joomla website, it would be worth to have a list of compatible templates in hand. There is a plethora of useful templates in the Joomla repository. While this is overwhelming to some Joomla users, it often leads to confusion and make it hard for one to choose a suitable template to beautify the look and feel of his website. 

Let's explore some of the best Joomla templates compatible with EasyBlog to help you streamline your choice with a fabulous solution. 

1. ZT Shield

ZT Shield is a free Jooma template that is developed on Bootstrap. It features a clean design, search engine optimized code, and responsive layout. The easy drag and drop layout builder further makes customization a breeze. While supporting EasyBlog, the template also supports CSS3 and HTML5 code, Font Awesome icons, unlimited hues, numerous fonts and a lot more. 

2. Simple Love

The minimalist and modern visual appearance of Simple Love is perfect to create a great style in any type of Joomla website. While supporting the EasyBlog extension, the template is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3. It is developed in the Bootstrap T3 framework, and thus, is responsive in nature. This multipurpose template is cross browser compatible, and delivers an outstanding performance. 

3. Purity III

Purity III is yet another fantastic free Joomla template that supports EasyBlog extension and add to the responsiveness of the website. Whether it is a personal blog or business website, the template is versatile enough to complement almost any kind of website. With RTL language support, the template is compatible with several other functions like EasyDiscuss, JomSocial, etc.

4. Lania

Built on the T3 framework, Lania is a multipurpose Joomla template that supports a variety of websites, including blogs, corporate websites, personal site, etc. This responsive template is compatible with several major browsers namely, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and more. It is HTML and CSS compliant. The template will create an impressive appearance with useful functions. 

5. JSN Pixel

JSN Pixel is a fabulous Joomla template that features a robust framework that can run seamlessly on popular mobile and desktop web browsers. This responsive template is compatible with EasyBlog and offers a stunning theme style. It is multilingual and the files of back-end and front-end are stashed in separate language files, thus, you can translate it into a specific language of your choice. 

6. BaseLine

BaseLine is another amazing Joomla template that is built on Bootstrap and features a responsive layout with flat design. Compatible with EasyBlog extension, this remarkable template features custom module styles, shortcodes, Google Fonts, mega menu, three template layouts to choose from, and so forth. It runs smoothly and seamlessly on a variety of major browsers. 

These are the stunning templates compatible with the EasyBlog Joomla extension. It is advisable to review the demo version of the chosen template beforehand to ensure a prolific template. Keep your target audience and business requirements in mind to streamline your search with efficacy, and proficiently boost the visual appearance of your Joomla-powered website.


Author Signature: Victoria Brinsley is a app developer for Appsted – mobile apps development company. In case, you are willing to avail a detailed information on the same, get in touch with her.



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