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Top rules you can't afford to miss while developing a Magento website

  Isabella Morris      2015-06-19 04:21:55      1,774    0


A powerful and attractive website has become a vital necessity of every online entrepreneur. Whether its about boosting the inflow of customers or enhancing the overall profitability of your business, a good website can do all the hardwork. The growing demand and popularity of Magento development services has made online merchants switch to Magento for promoting their business products and services via the internet. As a website creator, it is absolutely essential for you to consider some basic rules while developing a Magento website. This post would talk about all such website development rules that will prove best for creation of a high-end Magento website.

  1. Appropriate use of colors and fonts is something you can't neglect for sure

While choosing the colors and fonts for your website, make it a point to understand the kind of look and feel that you intend to achieve for the same. Whether you're inclined on rendering a regular look and feel to your website or want to link to an existing website, it is highly recommended to use a completely reliable color scheme, design and font-style.

  1. Affirm that your website works perfectly on multiple web browsers

Cross-browser compatibility is a feature that can add a unique tint of elegance into your Magento web portal. While coding the site, make sure the resultant portal is compatible with multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and many more.

  1. Appropriate placement of website information is vital

While a majority of Magento e-commerce stores have their address on the Contact Us page, it is recommended to including the email address as well as mobile number on every single page. Doing this will render a professional look and feel to your Magento e-store.

  1. Inapplicable stuff must be eliminated rightaway

If you plan to create a Magento e-store that brings in the desired results within no time then make it a point to avoid the addition of extra and inapplicable material to the online store. By getting rid of all the unnecessary information, you can easily reduce the load on your web server, thereby improving the speed of the store and driving in customers at a rapid pace.

  1. Pay attention to Magento Compilation

It is important for you to know that Magento code is being arranged with hundreds of directories that already exist on server's file system. Therefore, for every page request, your server expends a good amount of effort for locating the correct files. All this amounts of higher disk I/O which ultimately results in enhancement of page response times. Go to your Magento admin dashboard-> System-> Tools-> Compilation and you'd be able to look into the best compilation options that can help in effective code compilation for the entire e-store.

  1. Don't forget to enable server-side compression for your Magento e-store

By enabling the server-side compression for your Magento store, you can efficiently reduce the size of your web pages(with images as the only exception) and thereby reduce the times that's involved with returning data from server and gaining access to a web server faster. You can grab assistance of your service provider for enabling compression within the Magento.htaccess file.

  1. Opt for the Full Page Caching mechanism

Since Magento runs a lot of code for determining the HTML which needs to be served to the client's browser, it is full page cache mechanism which plays a vital role in storing all the emitted HTML each time a page is being requested, followed by resending this response for multiple subsequent page requests. One of the best things about the Full page caching feature is that it ensures that the store's dynamic content including Welcome messages, car count etc. varies in accordance to the customer, while the other pages are being served without the code being reprocessed. Do remember that introduction of page cache would mean that the store administrators would be required to refresh the cache in case of any content changes such as CMS pages/blocks, product details etc. You can easily access everything about Cache management via your Magento admin panel.

  1. Try making the use of bullets and a lot of other formatting tools

The way you present information on your store will determine how the visitors are going to take your store. Hence, it is advised to add bullets, boldface, headline, colors, designs and many more things for drawing the visitor's attention towards vital segments within your Magento powered online store.


Complete adherence to all the website development rules covered abovewould undoubtedly allow you to come up with a web portal that stands out from the crowd and is capable of wooing visitors instantly.



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