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Best Tips for a brilliant responsive design

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Portability of mobile devices have made it easier for the users to access internet. Consequently , this has increased a lot of of mobile traffic and has given birth to new terms such a mCommerce. Now the point is that as we know that technology is ephemeral , will we keep on investing time and money every time a new gadget is launched?

Indeed yes, because this is what market demands! 

But what if I say a that there is a technology which is independent of the size of the devices or a technology which fits in all the devices! 

Web world is ranting and raving about 'responsive' web designwhich it is certainly not a fad and has a promising growth ahead. I won't be biased if i will say that responsive web design is the best development strategy for tackling the sporadic changes in the web development when compared with web development technologies. 

It is deemed to perform irrespective of the device the users are using right now or any other devices of different sizes which are yet to come. In this blog we will discuss some very important points which can help you to create the best responsive website for your business. 

1. Vanish the main navigation 

Web designing needs to be a curative one , as we now have a challenge to build for smaller screens. Thus, hiding the main navigation is a best practice to deliver a clean lay out. You can further use icons and buttons to indicate the position of your main menu. 

Designers use several methods for designing the main menu for mobile devices. One is to to use drop down menu, moreover you can also overlay the menu or the menu slides on the top covering the main content. Although it is new but users are familiar with this and also find it easy. In this type of design scheme the main menu expands to over the entire screen. 

2. Make menus swipe friendly 

Making horizontal menus is a nice approach for designing for mobile devices . Unlike the previous one, in this approach menu is not kept hidden and also shows the part of content. This menu style makes it easy for the users to go through the content by just swiping over. 

3. Click-able buttons and links 

We must not forget from the very beginning that we are designing for small screens which do not have a wide expanse. Thus, we need to ensure that our design should flow seamlessly and not further create a mess for the users. This can happen only when you can offer them comfort with your designing acumen. Thus, designing buttons and links which are easy to click and do not require extra tapping is required. You also need to make the buttons and links larger in order to make it easy for the users to tap with ease. 

Making buttons or links such as “Add to cart”, “ 25 % off on Firstt Sign up” , “Related article” and more such helps to encourage users to buy your product or whatever you aim from you website. Color, Size and placement of your Call to action button acts as crucible for your online business development. 

4. Make sure that the elements are coherent 

It is very difficult to stuff in elements in a small space. Further, it becomes all the more difficult when you have a quality standards to match and provide good aesthetic value. To achieve this the designers need to maintain a balance between these various elements. Size, type and weight of the font must be kept in consideration. Ratio between the header and the footer, positioning of the paragraphs are some other factors which designers can't afford to overlook. 

The latest devices such as phablets offer high resolution and screens, thus the text on these devices looks more legible. Wherefore, you can opt for larger fonts which are easy to ready as well as provide a better user experience to your users. This also instills a good engagement factor to your website.

For instance, the mobile version of Nike's website. The website accommodates the screen so easily which makes it look so soothing to the eyes. On the desktop, the font looks quite heavy, whereas the font easily adjust it self when opened on a mobile device. This serves as a quintessential example for a responsive web development. 

5. Highlight important content 

As we know that one cannot add superfluous information on mobile websites but make sure that you do not forget to highlight the important information in that limited amount of space. Thus, you need to utilize that space judiciously for creating a good impact on the users. Make sure to keep important information such as buying options, discount, coupons, contact number and other important details. Moreover, mobile users always get one notification or another from different apps at a time which is very distracting, so make sure you provide the information at the right place. 

One of the website which uses this very aptly is World Wildlife Fund. They know all the wherewithals of placing the information in a lucid manner and utilize responsive web design. The website is divided very nice into categories and thus gives visitors information at the right place where it should be aptly placed. Further, the Adopt and Donate button is also designed and placed very aptly. 

Final thoughts! 

Responsive is a technology which has a very vast future and is not just a fad. Moreover, unlike other technologies the responsive technology is here to stay, as it it is not dependent on the any size or shape of the device and not categorized under any device specification. While choosing a technology it is important to understand that there are various technologies present in the market and your aim should be to choose the one which stays long in order to avoid unnecessary cost run and time wastage in switching over to new technologies. 

It is crucial to understand that if designed properly responsive technology is something which will go long and will have a wholesome future . For queries feel free to drop us a line.  


Author Signature: Rick Brown is a veteran iOS developer with Mobiers Ltd., where you can hire iOS app developer. You can get his assistance, to explore more about iOS app development services and its leverages.



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