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Google will close shopping search service in China

  Peter      2012-12-12 14:30:44      1,827    0

Google vice president of products Sameer Samat posted a news on Google Blackboard, since the service failed to meet the expectations, in order to better optimize resources, Google decided to close the shopping search service in China.

In order to better optimize resources, we have decided to close the shopping search service in China. The original intention of the development of this product is to set up a bridge between consumers and retailers and traders. However it did not meet our expectations after the release of this product, we will close this service in China. But our commitment to help Chinese merchants to export goods to other countries around the world is not changed, Chinese traders can still use Google Shopping to reach consumers in other markets. Accordingly, we will focus on mobile advertising AdMob application products, mobile and desktop display advertising products, export-oriented search advertising products etc in the future. The closure of the shopping search service will be effective on December 12, 2012.

In October, Google shut down its music search service. Now in there are only two services are remained : 时惠 .and Translator.

Clearly, in addition to censorship reasons, competition is another reason why Google considers one of the factors to close these two services. Baidu and other service providers are doing good in music search.

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