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Microsoft is going to redesign Bing again

  Peter      2012-05-11 05:26:11      2,810    0

On 10 May,2012, Microsoft announces in San Francisco they will  redesign its search engine Bing, and it will cooperate with Facebook, Twitter etc to build a new search service.

Bing now is the second largest search engine in the world, but compared to Google, Bing is always the second city of search. Bing these years has always been putting effort on improving its service and the accuracy of search results. Unfortunately, it still cannot gain market share from Google. Today, Microsoft is going to redesign Bing and improve its service, this will be a new challenge to Google.

The new design will be rolled out in a few weeks. The new design will add a sidebar which will include Facebook,Twitter and Google+. This new sidebar will seperate the social data from the search results and it will be very convenient for user to share the search results and other social activities.

The sidebar will also integrate Quora and Fousquare, this will help users when they search some questions, they can also guide the user to get advice from experts in those websites.

In addition to improve the social search and add sidebar, Bing will also change the position of snapshot and provide some information and comments about some service related search such as shopping and food.

Now the new design has been online in US, in other countries, the old design is still being used and it is estimated that it will be switched to new design in a few weeks in other countries.

Some analysts points out the new Bing is going to a right direction by integrating the contents from social network and question answer websites. It will change people's search custom and  improve the accuracy of search results since it can use and combine more resource. It is not impossible that Bing will defeat Google in the future.

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