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Google+ is sick

  Peter      2012-05-16 05:41:35      32,304    6

Google says that Google+ now has over 170million registered users, but according a new research report of Fast Company about Google+,  Google+ is just a virtual ghost town.

This research selected a sample of 40,000 random Google+ users. The result is :
  • The average post on Google+ has less than one +1, less than one reply, and less than one re-share
  • Roughly 30% of users who make a public post never make a second one
  • Even after making five public posts, there is a 15% chance that a user will not post publicly again
  • Among users who make publicly viewable posts, there is an average of 12 days between each post
  • After a member makes a public post, the average number of public posts they make in each subsequent month declines steadily, a trend that is not improving
Google+ has integrated Google online products, make it the basis for the complete social network of Google. In order to make its service differ from other social networks, Google has put its bet on one aspect: privacy management. But from this research report, it doesn't get much positive response from users.

Google+ is sick. Google feels the threatens from social search service provided by Facebook, they want to build their own social search, so they need a social platform, then they build Google+. But they don;t put much effort n how to make Google+ different from Facebook so that people can engage more on Google+. After users find that Google+ is just another Facebook, they lose their interest in Google+.

I think Google can take a lesson from the Microsoft's XBox success.Think different, make difference. Just like what Kai-Fu Lee (former Google China president) said : Making a difference to one person is making a difference to the world.

Do you have any good suggestions on how to prevent Google+ from dying? Please feel free to leave your comment below.



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April [Reply]@ 2012-05-16 08:42:20
There is a simple answer as to why Google+ is failing. The lack of women. Women have the time and inclination to make contact, to "reward" their friends, to "like" something because they feel sorry for them, and generally do all the kind, time-consuming niceties that oil the wheels of social interaction. Google+ is for men and geeks, and people wanting better search engine results. They Plus 1 as a daily chore , or as part of their job. With as little effort as possible. To be honest I don't think Facebook is ACTUALLY working. To see Facebook, you have to join Facebook. I suspect 80% of accounts are unused or nonsense. The other 20% are mom's with new babies showing them off to the family, or people trying to hook up, show off or get work.
MsGemNicholls [Reply]@ 2012-05-17 03:24:38
You're indicating the disparity between gender as the cause for lack of content, but I highly doubt that this is the case. As per my individual comment, the lack of content comes from an API limitation in only searching public posts, hence skewing the results.
seattle parrot [Reply]@ 2012-05-16 09:44:46
Some users of social networks don't want their private information spread all over the internet. Sites like Facebook and Google + don't understand this concept OR they are using our personal information for their greater good. IF they were not, it wouldn't matter to them if I use blueturtle as my name or Jane Doe. I for one will not participate in any social network or portal who insists on me using my real identity.
MsGemNicholls [Reply]@ 2012-05-17 03:21:41
In response to seattle parrot, there are plenty of people on Google+ who don't use their real name, and they don't get booted off the network. Same goes for Facebook. You don't submit a drivers license with your login form so what's stopping you being Jack Doe?
MsGemNicholls [Reply]@ 2012-05-17 03:20:33
I think you're delusional. Google+ isn't sick. The fact of the matter is, that study was performed on public posts only (which is an API limitation). Very few posts make it public. The majority of people who are there are passionate about making it an engaging network with relevant information, and will share each post with the right audience. Therefore, the majority of the activity is not tracked or reported on, and basing an entire opinion on it is, frankly, wrong. Also I looked up the Pixelstech page on Google+, and if you haven't interacted since a "Happy New Year" message, and you only have one person in your circles, then I doubt you are getting any reasonable experience out of it. It is a social network, albeit different to most, but you wouldn't get anything out of Facebook or Twitter if you didn't follow anyone, no one followed you, and you didn't say anything.
Seattle Parrot [Reply]@ 2012-05-17 08:05:14
MsGemNichols: I was booted off of Facebook because I was not using my real name. I was required to send them a copy of my drivers license as proof. Of course I declined. My son was booted off of google + for the same reason. I stand by the theory that if they were not using our real identities for their vested interest, they wouldn't care. It's so simple. Have a questionnaire during sign up asking our interests. Then use that as their advertising targets. No need for real identity and members would not have any privacy issues. Just sayin.


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