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Google to build Google Babble to unify all its chat tools

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If Google Talk / Hangout / Voice / Messenger are put  together, what will you find?

They are all chat tools launched by Google, but with careful comparison, you will find that the difference between them is not very big. The useful tools are Google Talk and Google+, but both of them needs to be improve their user experience.

According to, Google is planning to launch a chat application Google Babble which will integrate all its chat tools and service,

Using Google Babble, users only need to open one chat window, you can use all of Google's chat functionality. You share photos with your friends just like in G+ Messenger, or you can also start Hangout by selecting any friend.

In short, Google will integrate all its independent chat tools into a star-class product. Then, Babble to chat is just like Gmail to Mail.

Babble will also be an application available on Android and Chrome OS, But at the moment we are not clear about the specific release time and how Google will launch Google Babble,. According to, if the news is true, the most likely time is in Google I/O Assembly this May.

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