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Apple says goodbye to Google

  Peter      2012-06-12 05:38:56      4,632    3

Apple released many new products and new software in this year's WWDC.They include the new MacBook Air, the new MacBook Pro, iOS6 and more. Among them, the Apple's new map app may get the attention of people who love or hate Google.

In iOS6, Apple ruled out Google map, they are saying goodbye to Google. This new Map app integrated with Siri will have voice navigation feature. This means people can receive real time traffic update and the map can offer alternate routes. Also, it will be a 3D map having a feature Flyover which will provide interactive 3D views. These 3D images have been taken through helicopters.

Ironically, just a few days ago, Google also released their new Google 3D Map, people can swoop and fly through replicas which are exact-with even trees getting the 3D treatment. Google is also planning to introduce offline support to Google maps.

To be honest, the features in the new Google map looks great. But we don't know what's Google's feeling after they know Apple will rule Google map out of iOS6. Apple builds its own kingdom by build their own products and services. We can imagine in the future more and more Apple service will present and more and more Google service will be ruled out of Apple's products. Actually, prior to Google, Adobe also has similar fate. Now Apple doesn't support Adobe Flash on their devices such as iPad and iPhone. Will Google be the next Adobe in Apple's kingdom?



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Aristo [Reply]@ 2012-06-13 16:39:27
Was this written by an illiterate monkey ? Actually, Google maps will be available on iPhone, as will Google - the reverse is true as Apple can not BLOCK people from using google on their phone, but they can BLOCK other people from installing it on Android - get your facts straight, learn to speak English, and get over Apple - they are shit, no one is using them anyone more except the most retarded.
Gamba [Reply]@ 2012-06-13 18:57:06
Fuck Apple!
jamun [Reply]@ 2012-06-13 20:59:43
yeah, fuck apple


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