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  Can private method be overridden?

The private methods are not inherited by subclasses and you cannot be overridden by subclasses. According to Java Language Specification ( Requirements in Overriding and Hiding), "Note that a private method cannot be hidden or overridden in the technical sense of those terms. This means that a subclass can declare a method with the same signature as a private method in one of its superclasses, and there is no requirement that the return type or throws&nb...

   Java,Private method,overridding,impossib     2011-10-06 03:57:14

  A Month With Scala

Although I’ve played around with Scala for the few months, these efforts largely involved simple scripts and casual reading. It wasn’t until last month that the opportunity to use Scala in a large scale project finally arose and I dove right in. The project was a typical REST based web service built on top of Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk, SimpleDB, S3 and Redis*. First off let’s talk about why I chose Scala in the first place. After spending a good deal of my last year entrenched in...

   Scala,Functional,OOP,Java,Iteration     2011-12-10 06:03:23

  Java development company briefs about Lazy and Eager fetch in JPA/Hibernate

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  Learning Is More Important Than Knowing

Although DuckDuckGo's success is based more on ideology than technology, you'd have to be a pretty arrogant technologist to not appreciate and be impressed with what this small team (for a long time, 1 person) has accomplished. And while DuckDuckGo teaches us a number of valuable lessons (about business, and privacy), to me, the most important, is that good programmers should be measured by what they can learn, not what they already know. Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo's creator, has been wo...

   Learning,Knowing,Google,DuckDuckGo     2012-04-18 07:17:53

  The Erlang Design Pattern

Over the last couple of weeks I did an OO programming experiment. I call it the Erlang design pattern. It is based on the Actor model but goes some steps further. At its core just like the Actor model there are active entities (objects) that have a thread and a message queue with the thread waiting on the message queue to do some stuff. The Erlang design pattern extends the Actor model by first dividing the software program into active (actors, that have their own thread) and passive ...

   Erlang,Thread,Pattern,OS Threads     2012-02-06 07:47:56

  GCC is compiled with C++ compiler

On 15 Aug, 2012, GCC merged a patch--Merge from cxx-conversion branch . This means GCC will be compiled with C++ compiler in the future, it also means that GCC will be implemented using C++. You may have following two puzzles: Why does GCC turn to C++? Without C++ compiler, how can we compile C++ codes? Why using C++? In GNU's C++ Conversion, we can find this description in the background section: Whether we use C or C++, we need to try to ensure that interfaces are easy to understan...

   GCC,C++,Compiler     2012-09-04 02:36:06

  PHP function overloading puzzle clearer

PHP's meaning of overloading is different than Java's. In PHP, overloading means that you are able to add object members at runtime, by implementing some of the __magic methods, like __get, __set, __call, __callStatic. You load objects with new members. Overloading in PHP provides means to dynamically "create" properties and methods. These dynamic entities are processed via magic methods one can establish in a class for various action types. Some example:class Foo{    p...

   PHP,function overloading,OOP,default val     2011-07-11 03:24:30

  Open source code libraries suffer from vulnerabilities

A study of how 31 popular open source code libraries were downloaded over the past 12 months found that more than a third of the 1,261 versions of these libraries had a known vulnerability and about a quarter of the downloads were tainted. The study was undertaken by Aspect Security, which evaluates software for vulnerabilities, with Sonatype, a firm that provides a central repository housing more than 300,000 libraries for downloading open source components and gets 4 billion requests pe...

   Open source,Security,Vulnerability     2012-03-28 06:10:19

  The History of Programming Languages

This post is part of our ReadWriteHack channel, which is a resource and guide for developers. The channel is sponsored by the Intel AppUp Developer Program. As you're exploring these resources, check out this helpful resource from our sponsors: AIR for AppUp: What You Need To Know Rackspace recently published a nice infographic on the evolution of programming languages. It starts with FORTRAN and COBOL and runs through Ruby on Rails (which, yes, is a framework and not a language). Unfo...

   History,Programming language,C,Java,Java     2011-07-28 09:00:23

  Programming Languages for Machine Learning Implementations

Machine learning algorithms have a much better chance of being widely adopted if they are implemented in some easy-to-use code. There are several important concerns associated with machine learning which stress programming languages on the ease-of-use vs. speed frontier.Speed The rate at which data sources are growing seems to be outstripping the rate at which computational power is growing, so it is important that we be able to eak out every bit of computational power. Garbage collected la...

   Programming language,Machine learning,Development     2011-11-16 08:22:17