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  Introduction to DTLS(Datagram Transport Layer Security)

Secure communication has become a vital requirement on the Internet. Lots of information transferred through the Internet are sensitive data such as financial transactions, medical information, media streaming etc. To ensure security of data transferred on the Internet, a few secure protocols have been designed including SSL/TLS and IPsec. Many large websites in the world have adopted TLS. Apart from SSL/TLS, there is some other protocol designed to be used in special cases. One of them is ...

   JAVA 9,DTLS,TLS,SECURITY     2016-04-02 05:55:36

  Hail the return of native code and the resurgence of C++

Programming language trends come and go. First, Java is the hot new language, then it's Python, then Ruby steals the limelight, then it's back to JavaScript. But the latest language darling is probably the last one anyone expected. Believe it or not, 2011 could be the year of C++. Last week, the latest version of the ISO C++ Standard was approved by unanimous vote. It's the first major revision of the language in 13 years. Now officially known as C++11, the new standard introduces features desig...

   C++,Future,Return back,Popular,Local dev     2011-08-24 02:20:24

  Tricks with Direct Memory Access in Java

Java was initially designed as a safe managed environment. Nevertheless, Java HotSpot VM contains a “backdoor” that provides a number of low-level operations to manipulate memory and threads directly. This backdoor – sun.misc.Unsafe – is widely used by JDK itself in packages like java.nio or java.util.concurrent. It is hard to imagine a Java developer that uses this backdoor in any regular development because this API is extremely dangerous, not portable, a...

   Java,Directly memory access,Tricks,JVM     2012-02-13 05:31:19

  What's Wrong with the For Loop

Closures in Java are a hot topic of late. A few really smart people are drafting a proposal to add closures to a future version of the language. However, the proposed syntax and the linguistic addition are getting a lot of push back from many Java programmers. Today, Elliotte Rusty Harold posted his doubts about the merits of closures in Java. Specifically, he asks "Why Hate the for Loop?": I don’t know what it is some people have against for loops that they’re so eager to get rid o...

   For loop,Basic,Problem,Efficiency,Java     2012-02-24 05:06:15

  My love… for Expressive Programming Languages

I started out my journey with programming as a teenager learning GW-BASIC. Soon I learnt C language followed by C++.  I was impressed with the OO syntactic constructs C++ had on offer but I felt a little uneasy with a few constructs such as the scope resolution. I started studying Java. It immediately caught my attention with the syntactic improvements and simplifications it brought over C++. I was still in academics, so learning(precisely trying) programming languages on su...

   descriptive,programming,language,prefere     2011-08-17 07:31:09

  Let 's write some front end codes

I've seen a lot of arguments that there is no much technical value writing web portal, I think that the vast majority of good programmers will try many different things. The low level development and machine learning are not the only technologies which are  full of wisdom and challenges, I wrote web site for a few years, it is difficult to say that this is my initial interest, although I touched on other technologies as well, I still feel building website is challenging. Front end developme...

   Front end development, JavaScript,CSS     2013-01-22 04:00:24

  Java is not the new COBOL

If you Google “Java is the new COBOL” you’ll find a glut of articles proliferating this mantra. I don’t know its origins, however I’m inclined to think it’s mostly repeated (and believed) by the Ruby community. Ruby, from a developer’s perspective is a low-friction language. A developer can just sit down at a text editor and start banging out code without really thinking about such superflous things as types. Java on the other hand, well, you have to think a lot about types. J...

   Java,Ruby,Type,COBOL,Comparison     2011-11-10 10:40:56

  Can private method be overridden?

The private methods are not inherited by subclasses and you cannot be overridden by subclasses. According to Java Language Specification ( Requirements in Overriding and Hiding), "Note that a private method cannot be hidden or overridden in the technical sense of those terms. This means that a subclass can declare a method with the same signature as a private method in one of its superclasses, and there is no requirement that the return type or throws&nb...

   Java,Private method,overridding,impossib     2011-10-06 03:57:14

  A Month With Scala

Although I’ve played around with Scala for the few months, these efforts largely involved simple scripts and casual reading. It wasn’t until last month that the opportunity to use Scala in a large scale project finally arose and I dove right in. The project was a typical REST based web service built on top of Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk, SimpleDB, S3 and Redis*. First off let’s talk about why I chose Scala in the first place. After spending a good deal of my last year entrenched in...

   Scala,Functional,OOP,Java,Iteration     2011-12-10 06:03:23

  Java development company briefs about Lazy and Eager fetch in JPA/Hibernate

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