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  If programming language is a knife, what would it be?

The following diagram shows that if is a programming language is a knife, what would it be.? This figure I personally feel very interesting.I try to give my  explanation for some languages  here:.C + +, C and Pascal are the Swiss Army knife. The knife of the C language has a USB, that can do hardware operation. C++, a knife with everything, C + + is a variety of languages​​. Swiss army knife (figure C+ + is very powerful, do not think that it is fictional, this knife is real, calle...

   Programming language,Knife,Swiss army life     2012-04-21 00:52:22

  Greedy and Nongreedy Matching in a Regular Expression

By default, pattern matching is greedy, which means that the matcher returns the longest match possible. For example, applying the pattern A.*c to AbcAbcA matches AbcAbc rather than the shorter Abc. To do nongreedy matching, a question mark must be added to the quantifier. For example, the pattern A.*?c will find the shortest match possible. COPY // Greedy quantifiers String match = find("A.*c", "AbcAbc"); // AbcAbc match = find("A.+", "AbcAbc"); // AbcAbc // Nongreedy quantifier...

   Regular expression,Pattern match,Greedy,     2011-08-09 12:42:28

  A Hello, World Servlet

Servlets are the pure Java solution to handle web requests. Many application will use servlets instead of JSP and others will use servlets in conjunction with JSP. Experienced JSP programmers use servlets in conjunction with JSP to create clearer and simpler applications. The servlets handle Java processing: form handing, calculation and database queries. JSP formats the results. Servlets belong in WEB-INF/classes. On this machine, the source is in Java source in /var/www/hosts/

   Web.xml,Tomcat,Servlet,WEB-INF     2011-05-08 10:31:39

  Generate certificate in Java -- Store certificate in KeyStore

In previous post, we have explained how to create a certificate chain in Java. After generating the chain, we need to store it somewhere so that it can be used later when we are doing the actual SSL communication, either in a key store or trust store. This post will show you how to store the private key and its associated certificate chain in a keystore file. There are different types of keystore in Java, in this post, we will choose the JKS to demonstrate how to store the certificate chain. Whe...

   Java,Certificate chain,Keystore     2014-08-20 03:56:39

  Android create button tutorial

This tutorial assumes that you already have an activity and are using an XML layout. Open the layout XML and add the button element.  Assign an ID with the “@+id” operator.  The + tells Android to generate an ID for this element so that you can reference it in your Java files. This is an example. Your layout and text elements will probably be very different. In this example case, the ID of the button is “close”. <Button android:id="@+id/close" android:lay...

   Android,Simulator,Button,XML,Tutorial     2014-11-07 08:30:10

  Arrays.equals() vs MessageDigest.isEqual()

Both Arrays.equals() and MessageDigest.isEqual() are used to compare the equality of two arrays. They can be interchangeably in many cases. However, they do have some differences which lead to different use cases in real applications. One difference is that the arrays passed to MessageDigest.isEqual() cannot be null while it's ok for Arrays.equals(). The one major difference between these two methods is that Arrays.equals() is not time-constant while MessageDigest.isEqual() is time-constant. Thi...

   Arrays.equal(),MessageDigest.isEqual(),Java,Security     2015-05-14 22:03:29

  Add compiler argument to build Maven project

Maven is a software project to manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information. It's now widely used t build and deploy projects. It can help automatically maintain the dependencies of projects. There is a central project configuration file named pom.xml. Here you can configure the project you want to build.  In this post, we will show you how to add compiler argument when using javac to compile Java source code. Sometimes we need to pass compi...

   Maven,compiler argument, compiler option, Java 8     2015-04-10 21:59:00

  Hey, you may be happy to know these mottos about programming languages

Different programming are similar in helping people build staff work as people want them to. But they all have their own features which differentiate them from other programming languages. The language type may be different, for example Java is OOP, some may have different syntax. A programming motto usually can best describe the characteristic of the programming language. For example, "Write once Run everywhere" for Java. But today we are going to take a look at "unofficial mottos" about some p...

   motto,programming language     2014-04-05 20:02:13

  Different types of keystore in Java -- PKCS12

PKCS12 is an active file format for storing cryptography objects as a single file. It can be used to store secret key, private key and certificate.It is a standardized format published by RSA Laboratories which means it can be used not only in Java but also in other libraries in C, C++ or C# etc. This file format is frequently used to import and export entries from or to other keystore types. Next we will explain the operations which can be performed on PKCS12 keystore. Create PKCS12 keystore Be...

   Java, PKCS12, keystore, tutorial     2015-01-04 21:08:49

  Memory related exception analysis in Java

Java Virtual Machine Specification divides the memory of JVM into several areas : Heap, Stack, The Program Counter register and Method area etc. In HotSpot JVM, heap is composed of Young, Tenured and Perm. There are different OutOfMemory error can happen in different memory area. Next is an overview of some of these OOM errors. StackOverflowError The JVM will allow only a specified number of stacks created nested. An JVM option -Xss can be set to determine the maximum stack size. If the num...

   Java, Memory model, Memory exception, OOM     2015-01-19 06:54:27