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  If programming language is a knife, what would it be?

The following diagram shows that if is a programming language is a knife, what would it be.? This figure I personally feel very interesting.I try to give my  explanation for some languages  here:.C + +, C and Pascal are the Swiss Army knife. The knife of the C language has a USB, that can do hardware operation. C++, a knife with everything, C + + is a variety of languages​​. Swiss army knife (figure C+ + is very powerful, do not think that it is fictional, this knife is real, calle...

   Programming language,Knife,Swiss army life     2012-04-21 00:52:22

  Forgotten TODOs: ideas for contributing to open-source projects

I often talk to students that want to contribute to open-source projects, but just don't have an idea what to work on. Here's a tip if you're in a similar situation (e.g. you want to apply for GSOC) : 1 git clone repository_url_of_some_open_source_project target_directory 2 grep -RIn TODO target_directory/* So, find the URL of the repository project you want to contribute to, checkout the repository using git/mercurial/svn and then find all the TODOs in the source code using grep. The -RI...

   Open source,constribution,TODO,participation     2012-03-03 22:30:28

  Why we don’t hire .NET programmers

Skip my post and read this one instead.  It says the same thing, but less offensively.  (Or, rather, more offensively to Facebook and Google employees, less offensive to .NET developers, though the underlying message is the same.) Tuesday midnight edit: After >500 comments, >1000 tweets, and >1000 Facebook likes, I’m closing comments on this thread so we can all get back to work.  The very last comment takes the cake, however, and is a fitting close.  Thanks ...

   ASP.NET,High level,Low flexibility,Weakness     2011-12-20 08:43:28

  A Month With Scala

Although I’ve played around with Scala for the few months, these efforts largely involved simple scripts and casual reading. It wasn’t until last month that the opportunity to use Scala in a large scale project finally arose and I dove right in. The project was a typical REST based web service built on top of Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk, SimpleDB, S3 and Redis*. First off let’s talk about why I chose Scala in the first place. After spending a good deal of my last year entrenched in...

   Scala,Functional,OOP,Java,Iteration     2011-12-10 06:03:23