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  Marissa Mayer brings in first Googler for Yahoo

Since Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer took office, many people have speculated that she might bring Yahoo more Googlers. According to AllThings D, a Googler, one of Marissa Mayer's longtime PR staffers, Anne Espiritu, formally joined Yahoo.. Espiritu worked closely with Mayer at the search giant. Google has also confirmed the news.In Google, Anne Espiritu was responsible for media and public relations of Mayer. She worked with Mayer in many consumer products. In Yahoo, she will become one of Yahoo...

   Googler,Yahoo,Marissa Mayer, Anne Espiritu     2012-08-03 14:39:43

  Marissa Mayer brings 2nd Googler to Yahoo

A week ago, Anne Espiritu who was responsible for Google's public relations before leaving Google joined Yahoo, she became the first Googler Mayer brought to Yahoo. According to CNBC's Jon Fortt on Twitter, Google's former project manager Patricia Moll Kriese also left Google, formally joined Yahoo! as Senior Director of Yahoo's corporate projects.Although this news has not been confirmed by both companies, Patricia Moll Kriese's personal page on LinkedIn revealed that she left Google in August,...

   Yahoo,Marissa Mayer,Googler     2012-08-10 13:38:15

  Investing in myself: Realizing my value as a programmer

Being a programmer, you have an invaluable skill that you need to learn to harness. Investors realize this already which is why they’ll spend stacks of cash to have you build them something that’ll someday be profitable. Large corporations realize the value in good developers and sometimes bend over backwards trying to retain their top talent. To be able to program well is a skill that people clearly value but why do programmers tend to place such little value on their own talents? I k...

   Career,Inverstment,Self,Software,Developer     2012-01-11 04:36:16

  The Golden Age of Design in Startups

I just returned from Dave McClure’s excellent Warm Gun Conference, and I haven’t been this excited to be a designer in a while. The entire event was about design, metrics, and products, and even more importantly the people at the conference were many of the who’s who in Bay Area design. From what I saw and experienced there I daresay there are signs we’re entering a golden age of Design. The evidence: 1. The startups being invested in are designer-led. Take the new Designer Fund ...

   Designer,Golden age,Startup,Talent,Founder     2011-12-05 12:35:33

  Silicon Valley won’t dominate the tech world forever

Yesterday  I published a piece about Newry in Northern Ireland, which is looking to help boost its economy by encouraging a startup ecosystem. A little later, a post entitled ‘You will not be the next Silicon Valley, please stop trying‘ appeared over on Pando Daily, in which the author decided pull a bunch of Irish stereotypes out of the bag to attack the idea. Now, I could detail everything that’s wrong with the article, but the comments there do a perfect job of ripping it apart. ...

   Silicon Valley,Domination,Technology,Startup,Trend     2012-02-13 05:21:57

  The Best Hackers In The World All Come From One Country

Facebook, Zynga, and other hot companies use Interview Street to recruit programmers. Interview Street posts programming challenges and invites contenders to solve as many as they can. According to their message board, nine of Interview Street's top ten hackers are all from China. One is from an unknown country. A hacker called ralekseenkov, who is ranked number 11, is from the United States. What does that say about the talent crunch here? Read more:

   Hacker,Country,China,Microsoft     2012-04-11 13:17:55

  bakercom1 5 Ways to Make Your IT Staff Unpoachable

When it comes to hiring practices, the tables have turned – capsized, actually. After a global recession saw thousands of jobs lost in IT departments everywhere, now the race is on to hire swarms of top talent. The trouble is: There isn’t enough talent to go around, and the threat of losing key staff to “poachers” is growing daily. “In the current war for talent in Silicon Valley, a lot of leaders believe that it is not possible to compete with the Google and Facebook phenomena ...

   IT,Experts,Keep,Unpoachable     2011-07-25 08:35:49

  5 Modern Strategies to Improve Your Hiring Process

Without even a pinch of doubt, the labor market across the globe has turned highly competitive. So, there goes a rat race where the best recruiters vie to hire the most potential candidates. Let's say you need to hire Java developers. Certainly, your hiring challenge would be to find applicants with niche skills. Sadly enough, the traditional hiring methods are detrimental to getting the creme of the talent pool. It's time-consuming and involves a lot of manual and paperwork, wherein there are c...

   HIRE,JAVA,DEVELOPERS     2017-06-28 00:15:48

  Why doesn't Google copy successful startup ideas?

Google is definitely one of the largest players in Internet world. It owns the most popular search engine, mobile operating system and mapping service. It not only has huge user base but also is extremely rich. It can copy and create any product that is proven to be successful with its talent pool and money. But why doesn't Google copy those successful startup ideas? Based on the current status quo and culture gene of Google, there are several reasons Google doesn't copy startup ideas. First, Go...

   Google,Startup,Copy     2013-09-11 07:03:02

  Inside Google's recruiting machine

FORTUNE -- In the hot war for talent being fought in Silicon Valley, no company has an arsenal quite like Google's. Named Fortune's Best Company to Work For in 2012, the search giant made a record 8,067 hires last year -- boosting total headcount by a third. The thirteen-year-old firm's recruiting has an almost mythical quality about it, particularly for the two million candidates applying to work there each year. In terms of elite American institutions, getting a job at Google ranks with b...

   Google,Recruiter,Contract,Recruit machine     2012-02-25 04:50:01