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  Marissa Mayer brings in first Googler for Yahoo

Since Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer took office, many people have speculated that she might bring Yahoo more Googlers. According to AllThings D, a Googler, one of Marissa Mayer's longtime PR staffers, Anne Espiritu, formally joined Yahoo.. Espiritu worked closely with Mayer at the search giant. Google has also confirmed the news.In Google, Anne Espiritu was responsible for media and public relations of Mayer. She worked with Mayer in many consumer products. In Yahoo, she will become one of Yahoo...

   Googler,Yahoo,Marissa Mayer, Anne Espiritu     2012-08-03 14:39:43

  Marissa Mayer brings 2nd Googler to Yahoo

A week ago, Anne Espiritu who was responsible for Google's public relations before leaving Google joined Yahoo, she became the first Googler Mayer brought to Yahoo. According to CNBC's Jon Fortt on Twitter, Google's former project manager Patricia Moll Kriese also left Google, formally joined Yahoo! as Senior Director of Yahoo's corporate projects.Although this news has not been confirmed by both companies, Patricia Moll Kriese's personal page on LinkedIn revealed that she left Google in August,...

   Yahoo,Marissa Mayer,Googler     2012-08-10 13:38:15

  bakercom1 5 Ways to Make Your IT Staff Unpoachable

When it comes to hiring practices, the tables have turned – capsized, actually. After a global recession saw thousands of jobs lost in IT departments everywhere, now the race is on to hire swarms of top talent. The trouble is: There isn’t enough talent to go around, and the threat of losing key staff to “poachers” is growing daily. “In the current war for talent in Silicon Valley, a lot of leaders believe that it is not possible to compete with the Google and Facebook phenomena ...

   IT,Experts,Keep,Unpoachable     2011-07-25 08:35:49