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Google may integrate Chrome OS and Android to build Google OS

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A few days ago Google announced Andy Rubin would not in charge of Android anymore and Sundar Pichai would take over Andy Rubin's position. This triggers many guesses on the future direction of the Chrome OS and Android operating system.

According to Digitimes, Google is likely to integrate the Chrome OS and Android to build an unified Google OS. But to challenge Windows in the global notebook market, this new system may be in a difficult time in next 1 or 2 years.

Google and Acer have indicated before that the Chromebook notebook's performance is better than expected in user acceptance aspect, but its sales are less than 50 million units in total, there is still much room for its improvement, the current Chromebook notebook market share is less than 1%.

Look at the experience of Sundar Pichai, he is likely to be the best candidate to unify Google operating system since he is in charge of Chrome. From the appearance of the Chrome OS to the first Chromebook, Chrome application, Google Drive and the latest Chromebook Pixel, we can find the appearance of Pichai But now from the market point of view, even if Google launches Google OS, it may not bring much affect on the notebook market in short term and also the entire market has been gradually transferred to the mobile end, but the integration is clearly the trend.

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