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The video Twitter is coming

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 Last October, Vine was acquired by Twitter before it released. Now Twitter launched this app.

Vine only supports 6 seconds video recording, when you tap on the screen, the video recording starts, when you finger leaves the screen, the video recording stops. It can contain a few frames in 6 seconds. You can share the video on Twitter and Facebook.

Vine seems like a video version of Instagram because it allows user to record video and share it. It has the same features as Instagram such as Like and Comment, you can follow the people you are interested in and share videos on Twitter and Facebook.

When you open the Vine home stream, it looks like a video version of Twitter.

  1. It has its own message stream, support follow.
  2. Each video is limited to 6 seconds, just like the 140 characters limitation of tweet.
  3. It has no click and play concept. When scroll to one video, the video will start playing automatically.

On Vine's official blog:

we want to make it easier for people to come together to share and discover what's happening in the world. We also believe constraint inspires creativity, whether it's through a 140-character Tweet or a six-second video.

Will people love this app? Let's leave it to the users.

Here is a video demo:

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