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Twitter is the winner of US election

  Peter      2012-11-08 10:55:38      2,070    0

Yesterday, the final result of the U.S. election was that Obama defeated Romney and he was re-election as President of the United States of America, Later he made a victory speech. While in the Internet world, the real winner is not Obama, but Twitter. Why? Because there was no downtime for Twitter yesterday.

On election day, There were a total of 31 million election-related Tweets posted, In peak period, there were 327,452 tweets posted per minute,  the peak record was 874,560, about 15,107 Twitter per second. In the past, the highest record was 8,000 tweets per second, for example when Beyonce was pregnant, there were up to 8,868 Tweets one second. And these peak records were produced within seconds or minutes, but the U.S. presidential election lasted for several hours.

Although Twitter servers was under unprecedented pressure, "Fail Whale" did not "Fail". Twitter succeeded. Twitter engineering team wrote an article to show off their server compression capability.

Because Twitter servers were frequently down at the beginning, so Yiying Lu designed a "Fail Whale" comic and it was adopted by the official Twitter as downtime prompt page. Although now Twitter servers are more stable, Twitter is still occasionally down.

For the U.S. presidential election, it would not be surprising if something went wrong, but we are surprised that this "blue bird" did not even hang! This has a very important significance for Twitter This proves Twitter already has enough capacity to handle unexpected events, this will be a stable and secure platform to allow people to freely post message and express ideas.

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