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  Web evolution history

I guess many of us want to know about web evolution history since it changes so fast. Web has changed our life style, there are many big events in web history. Following picture give us a general understanding of the history of web.Original author : 陈皓 Reference :

   Web,History,Figure     2012-04-25 07:40:52

  App defeats web

As an admired rock musician and co-founder of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners, Roger McNamee has a statement about Apple : The reason why Apple is so successful today is because App defeats Web.Apple divides contents of web into small apps, and then ask users to pay. This actually means that Apple creates a new business model which is fundamentally different from Web.Commodity Content and Differential ContentCommodity Content is the information model in desktop and web era which is h...

   App,Web,Apple,HTML5     2012-05-16 05:16:00

  Necessary Elements for Developing a Website

Website has given businesses a great way to communicate with their existing customers. Without a user-friendly and attractive website, you may not receive as many customers as you may have expected prior launching your website. Therefore, it is usually advisable to outsource your web development services to one of the best web development companies in Singapore. Web development services in Singapore ensures proper development of your website without missing out on any important element. These a...


  How to improve website rank in search engine?

Want to let people know your website? Want to get much web traffic ? Then you need to make sure that people can find your website. Currently, many people are using search engine to find what they are interested in. So besides good content, you need to spend some time on getting your website shown at the first few pages of the search engine. Here are 10 suggestions to improve your website rank in search engine.1. Webpage response speedSimilar to human beings, search engine hates waiting. Webpage ...

   Website rank,Suggestions,SEO     2012-07-23 13:28:27

  Facebook will release new News Feed

According to 36Kr, Facebook sent out invitations to media to release a new version of the News Feed. This new News Feed will be released at 10 o'clock on March 7th(PST time) at the headquarters.The web version and mobile version of News Feed was updated in September 2011 and May 2012, Web version adds a dynamic display feature, if you login to Facebook per day, it will recommend popular content to you first If you frequently log in to Facebook, it will recommend the latest content. The mobile v...

   Facebook, News feed     2013-03-01 22:19:24

  8 very useful and free web security testing tools

With more pervasive of web applications, web security threats are becoming increasingly prominent. Hackers gain web server control by exploiting web server vulnerabilities and SQL injection vulnerabilities, then they may tamper with web content, or steal important internal data, the more serious is to inject malicious code into web pages to affect visitors of websites. Attention is gradually warming up to Web Application Security. Here we recommend eight very useful and free web security testing...

   Website, security,Web security,Attack     2012-07-22 10:59:09

  Interesting program comments

With Google Code Search, we can search some interesting code snippets comments. Some of them are interesting. Programming is not a boring task if you have a good attitude. Lets see some funny comments. Have fun.Not very confident :Dragon everywhere :One more angry comment :I told them earlier:F**K:Don't look following programs:Author :  陈皓 Source :

   Programming,comment,interesting     2012-04-23 06:51:05

  When to Make a Mobile Web Application

I believe that unless your application meets one of these native application criteria, you should not create a native application, but should instead focus on building a mobile web application. Like I said before, I’m a big fan of native applications and I feel that there are a lot of great innovative and market opportunities here, but mobile web apps are the only long-term viable platform for mobile content, services, and applications. Native applications don’t service the user be...

   Web app,Situation,Condition,Native application     2011-12-12 02:45:52

  Regular expression to get html meta description

When we need to process a HTML page source code, we often need to retrieve the meta description of the page besides the links in the page. This description is usually located in <meta> tag of a HTML page. The meta description is very useful for search engine index. How can we retrieve the meta description? If we use a regular expression, we can easily get the meta description. In JavaScript, the regular expression looks like : var pattern = /<meta.*?name="description".*?content="(.*?)"....

   Regular expression,meta description,HTML,JavaScript     2012-07-03 10:09:20

  What does a contemporary web developer need to know?

The early ages of web era mainly consisted of webpages of text and links. At that time,Netscape was the still dominant of web browser market. As a web developer, you could develop web apps(or better to call web pages) easily with knowledge of HTML only. But with the evolution of web, new technologies came out, we can see more robust web apps around us everywhere. Today as a web developer, the ability to run and configure a web server and edit HTML to create some simple web pages has lost almost ...

   Web design,Advice     2013-12-20 06:31:51