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  Execute PHP from a .html File

How can I execute PHP code on my existing myfile.html page?:When a web page is accessed, the server checks the extension to know how to handle the page. Generally speaking if it sees a .htm or .html file, it sends it right to the browser because it doesn't have anything to process on the server. If it sees a .php extension (or .shtml, or .asp, etc), it knows that it needs to execute the appropriate code before passing it along to the browser. Here is the problem: You find the perfect ...

   PHP,HTML,PHP in HTML,AddType     2011-12-26 14:01:20

  I’m too lazy to be a HTML developer

There’s no denying it. I’m just to damn lazy to be an HTML developer. This really sunk in when I looked at a tutorial for doing a jQuery Lightbox – for a client project. The tutorial was titled “Super Simple Lightbox with CSS and jQuery” but after reading it over I thought a better title would be “A really freaking hard tutorial on the inane intricacies of doing something that looks simple but in reality is a skein of HTML, Javascript and CSS that no one except an HTML Jedi Ma...

   Web design,HTML,JavaScript,Complexity,Messy     2011-12-18 10:42:45

  Update parent window after closing the window opened by

Imagine we have a webpage which has a text field to let user enter a date. Usually, we may create a calendar window to ask the user to pick one date from the calendar window, when the date is picked, the calendar window will close and the date picked will be put into the text field. This way involves the method in JavaScript, and we may think how the opened window knows its parent window and then updates the parent window. I give a simple demo on this.We have two pages, on is the p..., JavaScript,update, return value     2012-06-23 01:36:32

  Read 10 new books from O'Reilly for free

Recently O'Reilly provided free access to some books. Some of them are even in early release status. Here we recommend 10 of them. 1、Mastering Perl 2、Git Pocket Guide 3、Vagrant: Up and Running 4、High Performance Browser Networking 5、802.11ac: A Survival Guide 6、Test-Driven Development with Python 7、Interactive Data Visualization for the Web 8、HTML5 Canvas 9、Programming JavaScript Applications 10、Agile Data Source :

   O'Reilly,Free book,Early release     2013-07-03 07:56:20

  Convert HTML to DOM elements using JavaScript

In some cases, one would want to convert a HTML string to the DOM elements so that JavaScript can handle them easily. This is frequently used when one get some data from third party APIs where the data is in HTML format. In JavaScript, there are a couple of ways one can use to convert HTML to DOM elements. DOMParser document.createElement DOMParser DOMParser can parse XML or HTML source stored in a string into a DOM Document. After the conversion, the normal JavaScript call of h...


  HTML Site vs. WordPress Theme: Which one is better?

Are you looking for a perfect platform to set up your website? Then, there might be a close competition between the simple HTML and the WordPress platform. In this blog post, we will try to explore some points that will help you in making the right decision. Let us overview at some advantages grasped by HTML and WordPress. 1. Security of a website It has been discovered that the website running on WordPress is more vulnerable to security threats and hackers. As we know, WordPress is open source...


  When You Should Consider Moving From HTML to WordPress Platform?

No matter, you want to introduce big changes in your HTML website or a minor one, you'll have to make the edits in your site's files and then upload all of them by connecting to your FTP server. Now, this can be a pretty time-consuming and a daunting prospect for business owners who requires to make changes to the site on a regular basis. You should think about moving from your static HTML to some dynamic platform that provides you the flexibility to make the process of content editing become a ...

   HTML to Wordpress, HTML to Wordpress Conversion, Convert HTML to Wordpress,     2014-07-29 07:16:30

  Regular expression to get html meta description

When we need to process a HTML page source code, we often need to retrieve the meta description of the page besides the links in the page. This description is usually located in <meta> tag of a HTML page. The meta description is very useful for search engine index. How can we retrieve the meta description? If we use a regular expression, we can easily get the meta description. In JavaScript, the regular expression looks like : var pattern = /<meta.*?name="description".*?content="(.*?)"....

   Regular expression,meta description,HTML,JavaScript     2012-07-03 10:09:20

  Get hostname from a URL using JavaScript

Sometimes we may have strings which contain some UR;s and we may want to retrieve the hostname from the URLs for some statistic use. For example, we may have a URL : We may want to retrieve the from the URL. How? Use regular expression. Here I give an example using JavaScript. If you want to check whether a string is a URL or not. Refer to Detect URLs in a Block of Text. In JavaScript, we can have a regular expression like var pattern=/(.+:\/\...

   JavaScript,URL,regular expression, Hostname     2012-06-15 09:16:45

  An alternative way to parse URL in JavaScript

Normally when we need to process URL in JavaScript, we may use the location object. Then we can use location.hostname,location.href,location.port etc to get the information we need. In this post, we will parse an URL with an alternative way. We can use an URL to create a DOM object by calling document.createElement("a"). The complete code is: function parseURL(url) { var a = document.createElement('a'); a.href = url; return { source: url, protocol: a.protocol.replace(':',''), host: a.ho...

   URL,location,parse     2014-03-03 07:05:11